Smoke free - 5 reasons why you should quit smoking

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Smoke free - 5 reasons why you should quit smoking

Of course I can quit anytime. Oh, I don't really smoke that much. But it's good to have a beer. It's fun! - – Do statements like these sound familiar? We give you five good reasons why you should stop smoking. So nothing stands in the way of your smoke-free life! But first a few facts: Cigarettes consist of 4,800 different substances. Most of them are toxic and have been proven to cause cancer.

You absorb the toxins when you breathe them in and then distribute them throughout your body. This means that just about every human organ is damaged. But that's not all: in this article you will learn five reasons why you should urgently stop smoking. In addition, you will learn how a life as a non-smoker will enrich you. Declare war on your addiction! Take a deep breath and let's go!

Pro-argument smoke-free: You smell unpleasantly

Cigarette smoke stinks. That's a fact. And if you're completely honest: the cold smoke that gets stuck in your clothes - that's not really great. Or the morning after a party, when not only your clothes, but also your hands and hair smell like smoke. The cigarette that was so tempting after a beer or two at night ... the next morning it doesn't taste good at all. Hands, hair, clothes, furniture; the cigarette smoke settles on everything and needs to be aired out.

And speaking of unpleasant odors: Your breath includes that, too. Smoking cigarettes and having fresh breath? That's contradictory. Not surprising when you consider all that's hiding in a cigarette. Actually, one look at the ingredients is enough to make you aware that what you're inhaling can't be healthy. There are 4,800 chemical substances in tobacco smoke. Even the best toothpaste can't help against that.

Finally smoke-free - because your fitness leaves a lot to be desired

Smoking makes you tired. The short sprint to the next bus stop? Difficult. Panting and sweaty, you get on the bus. Somehow you used to be fitter, didn't you? Every breath burns your lungs and if you're honest, that cigarette you've been smoking for the last half hour hasn't helped either. Just one cigarette increases your heart rate by 20 beats. In endurance performance, smoking lowers performance by 15 percent. It is scientifically proven that cigarettes worsen your fitness.

You end up carrying nicotine into your bloodstream and tar into your lungs with every breath. Smoking affects your heart and circulation. What this means for you is that your body has to expend more heartbeats than the body of a person who doesn't smoke. It makes sense, doesn't it? You inhale carbon monoxide with tobacco smoke, which binds to the red blood pigment (hemoglobin). This means that less oxygen can be absorbed and this in turn has the effect that your physical performance is reduced.

You burden your fellow man

You are not only burdening yourself with smoking, but also your fellow human beings, friends and children. Secondhand smoke is not as harmless as you might think: "That little bit of smoke can't be so bad." Quite the opposite. The moment someone stands next to you and smokes along, intentionally or not, you are putting a strain on their health. Conversely, as a passive smoker, you are inhaling the same highly toxic ingredients as the smoker next to you.

And that's not all: around 3,300 non-smokers die each year in Germany alone due to passive smoking. According to the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), "Indoor tobacco smoke is not a nuisance, but a health hazard with fatal consequences." That's because secondhand smoke is incredibly harmful. And that also means your friends will be affected during a cozy game night. You wouldn't want that, would you? Intentionally harm your fellow man? No, thank you. Plus, it increases your mucus production. Sounds unappetizing - it is!

You're putting extra stress on yourself

It's super stressful. You've got a ton of work to do and what could be better than a good puff on a cigarette? After all, you need the tobacco. Otherwise, you can't concentrate. Pull out a pack of cigarettes, light it up, inhale, inhale, exhale. Leave the stress behind. But wait, stop. So how do non-smokers function? The people who don't have to reach straight for a cigarette when they're under stress?

The moment you agree to use cigarettes as a stress killer, you automatically stress yourself out more. After all, the non-smoker manages to think in a concentrated way without desperately using nicotine as a pusher. And a cigarette doesn't lower your stress level. Stress actually increases when there's no cigarette handy. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could give up nicotine and avoid additional stress?

Cigarettes instead of vacation

Well, the cigarettes tear a big hole in the petty cash, is certainly not news to you. After all, you notice at the end of the month at the latest that once again a lot of money has flowed into cigarettes. Six euros for a pack, which is then snapped up at the weekend. And it doesn't get any cheaper. On the contrary. Many smokers even incur extra travel costs to buy cigarettes cheaper abroad. What does that mean? Using up a lot of fuel to drive across the border and then damaging one's health. It doesn't really make sense, does it? So one more reason to become smoke-free.

What is nicotine anyway?

Think back to your first cigarette. What memories come back to you? What was it like back then? What did you feel? The lighter clicks, the first tentative puff. The urge to cough comes. "Mama's coming!" the smoke is quickly gulped down. Smoke on lungs; if you're going to do it, do it. And then: coughing and scratching in the throat, a chalky white face and weak knees? Cross my heart: that first puff wasn't really that great. And it's no wonder. Because nicotine is a nerve poison of the tobacco plant. The tobacco plant uses nicotine to protect itself from predators. And it is precisely this nerve poison that you inhale with every puff of the cigarette.

The smoke-free method

Fortunately, help is at hand: with the Smoke-Free Method by Dr. Stefan Frädrich, you can manage to leave the glowing stick behind. You don't need to be afraid of withdrawal and possible withdrawal symptoms, it's a mindset thing. Your smoking cessation works completely without Hypnosisnicotine patches or other aids. You only need you. The core is that you learn how beautiful life can be as a non-smoker - without the negative influences of tobacco, tar and nicotine. Start your new life smoke-free and don't give diseases like lung cancer a chance. Stop by and say goodbye to your addiction. Smoke the last cigarette of your life!


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