This is how coaching works during the pandemic - Cologne-based coaching platform brings together over 150 top international speakers and over 100,000 participants at the Greator Festival Online

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This is how coaching works during the pandemic - Cologne-based coaching platform brings together over 150 top international speakers and over 100,000 participants at the Greator Festival Online

The Cologne-based coaching platform Greator hosted the world's largest online festival for coaching and personal development at the end of October. Over 100,000 people registered to attend talks and interviews by over 150 internationally renowned top speakers.

Cologne, 05 November 2020 - The Corona pandemic is not only forcing us to deal with new social and personal issues, but also with the way we communicate and absorb content. The fear of contact with online content and video communication is decreasing and so online coaching offers have also received a big boost due to the pandemic.

Greator, the largest online platform for coaching offers, went one step further this year: In addition to launching a digital coaching education, they hosted Europe's largest online festival on personal development. From October 25-31, participants could watch free video content from renowned speakers such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Tobias Beck, Miriam Höller, Sadhguru, Jochen Schweizer, Laura Malina Seiler and John Strelecky. There was the opportunity to share live online with the community about it and even be coached live. For seven days, topics such as personal growth, social change, professional success, crisis management and financial freedom picked up. For the recordings, Greator built two modern studios in the middle of Cologne... The online event was moderated by Susan Sideropoulos.

Through a chat function, participants were able to share their feedback directly about the festival and the contributions. One participant wrote: "I have never experienced anything like this before. You guys are so great. Please more of this!" But also the participating speakers expressed their enthusiasm: "Great! This is the new gold standard of online events!". praises the well-known memory trainer and speaker Markus Hofmannwho gave a talk at the Greator Online Festival on "Using the tricks of the memory world champions to become a mastermind".

"We are delighted that the Online Festival has been so well received. Our team has invested an enormous amount of work in putting together a high-quality online festival with real added value. The positive feedback from the participants shows that we have succeeded very well and that digital coaching works. This once again strengthens our conviction that the step towards the digital orientation of our company was the right one. Despite the Corona pandemic, the new online format has not only allowed us to reach many more people, but also to do so without barriers or travel costs for participants. This brings us closer to our goal of continuing to make the best content from top international speakers and coaching available to as many people as possible in an affordable way," said the Managing Director by Greator, Alexander Müller.

The next Greator Festival Online is already planned for the first half of 2021.

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About Greator

As Germany's largest platform for personal development, Greator provides valuable content on the basis of which everyone can find a happy, successful and fulfilling life for yourself. Greator brings people into their full power - always committed to the maxim: "Grow beyond yourself and become the best version of yourself!" As a platform, we provide our community with the best coaches available. With our app, we enable our clients to, Coaching as easy as possible to integrate into everyday life.

We also train coaches and speakers in intensive online training courses. Once a year, our community comes together with tens of thousands of people at the Greator Festival. In total, Greator is followed by over 1.3 million people on social media channels alone, with a monthly reach of over 8 million (as of November 2020). Meanwhile, Greator employs over 140 people from more than 20 countries in Cologne.

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