Stefan Frädrich's 7 tips on how to find out who you really are

Have you ever said that you're fine even though that wasn't true? Probably not just once, right? But why? Are we afraid to show ourselves? Are we uncomfortable talking about our feelings? And how would you really feel if you stopped putting on a brave face and went your way? If you decide for your self-realization. This was the topic Dr. Stefan Frädrich at the LIFEfest in Munich.

Self-realization: "I had missed my real goal"

In 1993 the founder of GEDANKENtanken attended his first lecture in medicine. Because that was his clear goal. He looked after the morgues, watched sections with a fixation. "I was convinced of what I wanted to do," Stefan Frädrich remembers this time very clearly almost 30 years later. Six years later he was allowed to officially call himself doctor. Another year and a half later, the LIFECoach quit his job. "I was fed up with the medicine. I wasn't having any fun, I was disillusioned, I had ruined my relationship, I didn't do any sports - I had missed my real goal," he says.

Are you on the right path to self-realization?

Maybe you also know such situations and have you ever wondered if you are on the right track? Then watch out: Take a moment for yourself. Can you affirm the following ten statements?

  • I'm usually in a good mood.
  • I am full of energy and drive.
  • I get out of bed in the morning fine.
  • I look forward to every day.
  • I am interested in many things.
  • My concentration is great.
  • My family and friends give me strength.
  • I love myself as I am.
  • What I set out to do, I can do.
  • I look forward to my future.
  • A journey to your principles

"I landed in my dead-end street of life"

"The vast majority of people are in the statistical range," explains Stefan. In other words: Everything is ok, it's working. And there are a few people who are very high and very low. "These questions indicated to me that something was going wrong. I, on the other hand, ended up in a big dead end in life after I graduated." For the first time, the best-selling author dealt with the term "depression", a widespread disease affecting one in four women and one in eight men. Stefan Frädrich describes depression as a colourful mixture of different states. One factor is the way of life. "Take a journey to your principles and ask yourself honestly what makes us humans happy and successful here," he recommends. "I love what we make possible by GEDANKENtanken here at LIFEfest: There are 10,000 people sitting here alone who are occupied with how to lead a brilliant life - and many more are interested in it!"

Break the flow of your old thoughts

According to Stefan Frädrich, there is a system with which one can build new life in order to achieve one's own goals. First of all, each of us may return to the source of our habit and interrupt the flow of our thoughts. "If you put rubbish into people's thoughts, only rubbish can come out. There are so many great thoughts that we can give to others," inspires Stefan and continues to drill: "Do you have an environment that gives you common sense, or not?

Self-realization - "Give children a stage for their abilities".

Today, speaking is his profession. Back then it was: "Stefan, you talk too much. Shut up!" It wasn't until he was 30 that he realized this was his path. "I think that we should start giving children a stage for their abilities in schools. Instead, performances are directly graded and often arranged: "You can't do it. But I say: Those who can represent technically are not the ones who have something important to say." Even at school, it becomes clear that you do not meet the requirements.

That's why you're not yourself

Self-distortion, caution and over-adaptation are other factors that Stefan Frädrich mentions why you are not yourself. "If you have a tendency to do so, you constantly look for what the others can do. You don't look for your strengths, lose your self-realization out of focus and don't notice that these people also have quirks," the coach has found out time and again during his work with clients. What happens? You adapt, distort yourself, perform and pant after any goals from the outside. We run through the world and are never enough for each other. Is this the right drive?

Self-realization - set out on your path

Instead, a big problem emerges: The target is missed! "Why can't you reach it? Because at 30, 40 or 50, you're still looking for parental approval. But that's how complete chaos is created," predicts Stefan. Ask yourself: Who am I? Why am I in this world? What are my weaknesses and strengths? "When you have found out who you are, you can search along your path for your goals. Then you get into your flow! Remember: When you fight, you fight against something. Targets from outside only irritate you. Cancel them and let go! Go on your way and a lot of things will happen by accident!"

Take the time to find out who you are!

When people walk through this life, they are first and foremost allowed to learn who they are and then to make the best of themselves. But if you only look at the outside world, you will not find your strengths. You have to go inside, you have to know what your values, your personality structure and your dreams are, how you tick, what your goals are. And you have to take the time to find out who you are. Celebrate your self-realization, step by step. Maybe Stefan's 7 tips for your younger self will help you:

  1. Raise your standards: Stop functioning and do not settle for mediocrity
  2. Create yourself from the inside out:
  3. Make it count! Follow your agenda.
  4. Take your time.
  5. Thoughtfulness: Reading inspiring books
  6. Find a mentor who supports you, who knows what you need. Benefit from his experience
  7. Your new life: 99 weeks of coaching with Dr. Stefan Frädrich

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