Leave your success inhibitors behind: here's how!

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Leave your success inhibitors behind: here's how!

Setting personal goals is important to living a successful and happy life. But sometimes it just doesn't work out that way. Because when it comes to the eventual implementation, the so-called "goals" come up. Barriers to success into play. Impediments to success are negative influences that interfere with your journey to happiness. These can be, for example, negative Beliefs that keep you unsettled and prevent you from allowing change to happen.

In this article, you will learn which obstacles to success accompany you and how you can manage to get rid of them! In order to lead a happy life, you should set goals in your life. Because only if you have a goal, you can take the right direction. And so that you can take this direction, you need to rise above the walls of your Comfort zone override. And, you may have already guessed, your comfort zone is one of your obstacles to success.

Success inhibitor comfort zone

The comfort zone is your zone, filled with rituals and habits. In short: your safety zone. Here you sit at the lever and can do what you want. And you know exactly what to expect. Bad surprises? - Not a chance. In your comfort zone you are the king. It's where you feel comfortable. Planning your vacation? Why don't you book that hotel you stayed at four years ago? It was nice. And before you take a risk, better safe than sorry. If you take a closer look at your everyday life and your life, you will surely think of several situations in which you decided to stay in your comfort zone and against taking a new path.

It's cozy in your comfort zone

Clearly. Who would want to leave them when they've just made themselves so comfortable? Everything runs as it should. It's not exhausting - after all, nothing new awaits you that you have to adjust to. It is not dangerous. But hand on heart, comfortable and harmless? That's all well and good, but that shouldn't stop you from doing your best. Leave comfort zone, right?

Success inhibitors: Don't get too comfortable

Convenience is a big part of your safety zone. You can glide through your life without effort. Sure, things don't work out the way you want them to - but moving again, for example, because your current living situation isn't nice? That's a lot of work. Scouring the real estate market, packing boxes, ordering a Sprinter and finding a new tenant. Whew. Some people prefer to stay in their not so nice living situation and take their frustration out on their fellow human beings every day. Do it differently and make a change! Because even though you have to put in a certain amount of effort in that moment, you're not only increasing your comfort zone, but you're also improving your outlook on life. And you know that moment when you ask yourself, "Huh, why didn't I do that much sooner?"

Face your fear

Overcoming the walls you've built yourself isn't that easy. After all, you don't know what's behind those walls... Especially when you're dare something completely new you want. And that's when your fears come into play. They're just waiting to whisper in your ear about what could go wrong. Imagine you get a new job offer and actually everything is great. You're going to earn more money, you're closer to your dream of being a professional success a big step closer. And yet you hesitate. Maybe you don't even accept the offer, but keep your old job. Why is that? Fears are your companion when it comes to new challenges.

  • The Fear of social rejection: "Will my new work colleagues like me?"
  • The fear of failure: "What if I'm not up to the new tasks?"

And these Fears are understandable. But instead of running away from your fears, you should face them. Let your Fear by paying attention to it. Take a closer look at your fear: Is it really true? What is actually behind your fear? You will see that many things will turn out to be untrue when you take a closer look.

Be stronger than your obstacles to success

Discover them, invalidate them and achieve your goals! Step out of your comfort zone and achieve your dream life step by step. Preventers of success can be thoughts that lie deep within you. They tell you when you look in the mirror that you are not worth anything. The most important step for you is to become aware of your obstacles to success.

Why don't you try the following exercise? Take a piece of paper, a pen and a quiet minute. And now write down what you want for your life. Where do you want your Life's Journey guide? What do you want to experience? Write down all your goals. Visualize them. And then look at them again.

  • How specific is your goal?
  • Is it just a vague direction or have you already defined it?
  • Why haven't you implemented it yet?
  • What's holding you back?
  • What fears resonate?

Analyze your life. Take your Enthusiasm as the driving force and take off. Break through the walls of your comfort zone. Take your fear by the hand.


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