Susan Sideropoulos: "This is how I overcame my life crisis!"

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After a four-year life crisis, actress and presenter Susan Sideropoulos (40) is doing better today than before. In her book "Rosarotes Glück: Setz doch mal die rosarote Brille auf!" (Gräfe und Unzer) she explains what helped her. The Greator Coach In the interview with Greator, the participant also talks about the most beautiful change she has noticed in herself since starting the training.

What was the need in you to write the book?

Susan Sideropoulos: Actually it was the other way around and I got the request to write the book. But it was probably meant to be, because I knew right away that I wanted to do it!

Susan Sideropoulos holds her pink happiness in her hands!

What is the message of the book?

Susan Sideropoulos: My message is that we should consciously put on rose-colored glasses much more often. And not take them off - which is what society often tells us. The rose-colored glasses are the view of possibilities and of the most positive that the moment has to offer. Even if perhaps not everything is currently rose-colored due to Corona.

For the release of your book, you had your hair dyed pink! To match the cover. Do you love to rediscover or create yourself at times?

Susan Sideropoulos: Absolutely. That's why I became an actress. I love to push my limits, to dare new things and, above all, to create.

What was possibly the bravest step in your life so far?

Susan Sideropoulos: Hm, I'm sure everyone would choose something else from my life! For me, it was definitely to now bravely tell my whole story, with all its ups and downs.

There was once a time in your life when you couldn't answer your why! How did you find it?

Susan Sideropoulos: Basically I knew it. I had only lost my rose-colored glasses in the meantime, my view for the essentials. I just had to be brave to put them back on and then go for it.

In the course of this, you have also started to be more mindful of your body again. You have a fantastic figure. What is your experience: You can lose weight without dieting, because it's a matter of attitude?
Susan Sideropoulos: Absolutely. Diets are nothing long-term. They're no fun, you only think about food all the time - about NOT eating, but about food. The longer, but more successful way is certainly to deal with yourself. This logically involves a change in diet, but this happens on its own when we really deal with our beliefs and patterns.

What are your three most important values in life?

Susan Sideropoulos: Family, friends and living out my inner child!

You have been doing the Greator coach training since August 2020! What is the most beautiful change you have noticed in yourself since then?

Susan Sideropoulos: I love to learn more and more about myself. Christina and Walter Hommelsheim (Editor's note: Greator Coach Trainer) are not only great coaches, but also human role models. I notice in myself that I am more mindful in more and more situations. I find it easier to reflect others and myself better. 

Walter and Christina Hommelsheim are Greator coach trainers.

Which old belief system is always buzzing around in your head and comes across in your everyday life?

Susan Sideropoulos: For many years, the belief "I am valuable when I am successful" accompanied and determined me. But thanks to the Greator coach training I have already changed it for myself and know: I am enough!

If a fairy came by today and you had one wish - no matter how big it was - what would it be?

Susan Sideropoulos: Phew, that's so corny, but what can I say - health, of course. Corona in particular is just showing us how important that is in life!

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