Team building: How your employees like to work for you

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Team building: How your employees like to work for you

If you want to run a successful business, you can't do everything on your own. You need a strong team you can rely on. Employees who give full throttle, have your back and pursue the goals of your company as enthusiastically as you do. Finding employees like that isn't easy. Keeping them and retaining them in your company is even harder. That's why we're going to tell you in this magazine article which essential tips for team building and employee retention you should definitely keep in mind.

The rule is: team building and employee retention are based on positive incentives, not constraints. It's about making your employees feel comfortable and happy to work for you. Your ultimate goal should be that your employees can identify with your company and are willing to give their best. Why all this is so important and why a high turnover is detrimental to your company? We'll explain that to you now!

Why is team building important?

First of all, good team building and proper employee retention improve the working atmosphere. If your employees are motivated, feel comfortable at their workplace and enjoy coming to the office, they will perform at their best. This way, you increase productivity by the way. In addition, you can position yourself as an attractive employer on the job market with the help of good employee retention. The battle for qualified personnel is tough. But if you really go the extra mile to build your team, you'll stand out from the competition. This makes it easier for you to find and convince new employees. Thanks to good employee retention, you not only retain staff, but also gain new ones more quickly.

In addition, changing employees is expensive and time-consuming. You may have to expect high severance payments, spend money on job advertisements or headhunters and plan a lot of time for interviews. When you finally find a new employee, he or she has to be trained, which again takes time. Strategic, long-term team building is therefore a key success factor for any company.

But how do you retain your employees properly? What factors are important and how do they intertwine in such a way that your employee retention does not consist of many individual measures, but creates a real overall concept? The following 6 tips will help you:

1. offer varied activities

Of course, higher salaries and financial benefits are good ways to retain employees. However, if you only work with these measures, it could happen that your employees remain loyal to you solely because of the rewards. And you don't want that to happen, because then they will quickly lack drive and willingness to perform. Only when your employees can identify with the company can they develop their full potential.

So here's a better approach: make sure your employees work for your company for the sake of it. This works great, for example, if they can develop creatively, grow with their tasks and tap their full potential. The same applies if they can contribute their strengths and make their own decisions within their area of responsibility. And of course, if they themselves are fully behind the products or services that your company offers.

In addition, enable your employees to engage in exciting, diverse activities! The magic word is "variety", because that way it never gets boring. Team building means offering your employees challenges and letting them work towards goals - not just alone, but together. This strengthens social bonds and motivates each individual as well as the entire team enormously. After all, who wouldn't want to successfully master new challenges?

2. team building: create an attractive working environment

In order to achieve good employee retention, you should now take a look at the working environment of your employees: Do you offer premises that allow them to work comfortably? Is the location of your company advantageous? Are there good transport links, plenty of parking spaces, maybe even shops or a park nearby to sweeten the lunch break? If not, you don't have to pack moving boxes and relocate your company right away - you can also optimize some small things and make sure that your employees feel comfortable.

It may sound banal, but the simplest steps are, for example, a high-quality coffee machine with delicious cappuccino and free water. Attractively equipped offices also speak for themselves, modern technology, comfortable office chairs and height-adjustable desks. You might even be able to score with childcare. It doesn't necessarily have to be a company kindergarten, but possibly a parent-child office.

Team events, employee magazines and intranets also inspire your workforce and demonstrate good employee retention. Have you ever thought about hiring a feel-good manager, reducing overtime, ordering a weekly fruit basket, putting out fresh flowers or plants? There are many ways to create an attractive work environment.

3. Enable flexible working hours & models

Flexibility in the workplace is already a prerequisite for many employees today: Flexible working hours and part-time models are part of good taste and have become an integral part of the modern working world. No wonder, because many employees want to be flexible in their lives and value a balanced work-life balance. Work-life balance.

To improve your team building and employee retention, be sure to allow for flexible work schedules and models. Also Parental leave models for men, an easier return after parental leave and sabbaticals are guaranteed to be welcomed by your employees.

And of course the home office - a point that still meets with resistance from many superiors. For many bosses, it's inconceivable that employees can work just as efficiently from home as from the office. If you're also skeptical, get involved with an alternative: Offer your employees the chance to work their way into the home office. Those who perform well and don't betray your trust will be rewarded with working from the home office.

4. team building: Set on the right leadership style

If you come to work in the morning with a stomachache because you're afraid of your boss and his management style, you'll look for new prospects in the long term. This may sound harsh, but it is completely understandable from the employee's point of view. To prevent this from happening in the first place, you should therefore pay attention to your management style for efficient employee retention. A style based on trust and mutual respect is important.

You and your employees shouldn't become best friends, but it doesn't hurt to ask about their professional wishes and problems from time to time. If you know where the shoe pinches, you can act more quickly if necessary and prevent your employees from reorienting themselves. Set on a communication at eye level, take the time for regular feedback talks and show your employees that you value them and their work for your company.

5. Create further training opportunities

Support opportunities are also very important in the area of team building and employee retention. They are not just nice-to-have, but essential in view of digitalization and new work processes. Many employees also want to actively develop themselves further, learn new things and deepen their knowledge. Give them the chance to do so!

Offer the opportunity to participate in seminars, Coachings or other training opportunities, attend professionally relevant events and trade fairs, or work at other company locations or even abroad. For the Motivation of your team and thus employee retention, these methods are worth their weight in gold!

6. Offer opportunities for advancement

And here we come to the reward system! Of course, you shouldn't just rely on promotions to keep your employees loyal to the company. But of course they are part of a well thought-out concept for employee retention. They are your ace in the hole! Often, promotions come with a higher salary, more responsibility, and maybe even a new job title. What employee could turn that down?

But if you follow all 6 tips equally, there's not much that can go wrong - because this is what employee retention looks like at the professional level!

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