Thaddaeus Koroma: Just do it!

Thaddaeus Koroma: "Just do your thing now!"

Have you ever wondered how precious your time is? This is, of course... not your hourly rate or your salary, but your lifetime. Thaddaeus KoromaEntrepreneur, high performance coach and speaker, finds: "Our lifetime is the most valuable thing we have." So it can't hurt to know a few shortcuts to get more out of your days and weeks. Have fun with Thaddaeus Koroma's three rules of life, which for him symbolize shortcuts to life!

Abbreviation 1: Burn for something

What are you burning for? Whatever it takes, find your passion first. Ask yourself what drives you! Thaddaeus Koroma: "There are so many people who have completely forgotten this question. They live from one day to the next, do a 08/15 job and have given up dreaming. They have simply forgotten to dream. Do you know people who are at that exact same point?"

Abbreviation 2: Get tested

I always keep in mind that eventually the blow will come! We are all on this earth to learn. Thaddaeus Koroma knows: "You will be tested and some dreams burst like balloons within seconds." We are all tested by life - every day. But why do we get so upset and are often so disappointed? Because we expect something that won't happen in the end. Thaddaeus Koroma says, "Getting 99 percent when you've given it your all is a bloody bore."

But do you know the difference between 99 percent and 100 percent? Thaddaeus Koroma: "The difference between 99 percent and 100 percent is 100 percent. Because it's all or nothing!" We have all only ever gotten 99 percent of life. We had a dream or a vision or we wanted to achieve something. But then we were disappointed. Thaddaeus Koroma: "And what do we do now? We don't allow that and that to happen again. We never want to give 100 percent again. Why take the risk of being disappointed again? But this is wrong!"

Rule 3: Do it now

No matter what happens, give yourself and your life 100 percent! Don't let me stop you, just get back up and do it! Why? Because it's your life. You're the writer of your own life. Thaddaeus Koroma: "There are still so many songs and books slumbering in you that have not been written. There are so many ideas and visions that you have not yet realized. Still so much love is in you - distribute them. There are so many chances and possibilities that have not been used. There is so much life left in you that hasn't been lived."

Thaddaeus Koroma: Live now!

There is so much potential in each one of us. Tuee time is running. Thaddaeus Koroma: "Why should we do things simply? Es is your only chance. No matter how long it took you to get here, your best time is still ahead of you. And it's your chance. Lebbs now! Life is over quickly - but this life is yours." Thaddaeus Koroma beautifully captured his motivational statement in a song. Here come the lyrics for you:

24 hours is what we have today. 

168 hours is a week. 

720 hours is a month. 

8760 hours is a year. 

And in almost 600,000 hours, 70 years will be gone.

Why we should just do it? 

Why would you live your dream now? 

Why would you fight for it? 

Why should you work for it?

Why would you leave a comfort zone now? 

Why should you face your doubts now? 

Why defeat the pain now? 

Can you? I don't know - just do it!

We have so much potential, so much power and so many dreams. 

And yet we have so little time. 

Also why shouldn't we just do it? 

Ask those who have not been able to live up to their potential. 

Who took it to a place from which there is no return.

So live now. Dance now. Fight now. Now move. Scream now!

Because in 24 hours a day is over.

720 hours is a month. 

8760 hours is a year. 

Dbut in the end, all we own is this one moment. 

A life is quickly over. 

But this life is yours. 

Just do it!

Thaddaeus Koroma
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