The cafe at the edge of the world - find your purpose of existence

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The cafe at the edge of the world - find your purpose of existence

"The Café on the Edge of the World" is a worldwide bestseller designed to help people find a happy and fulfilling life.

Take a small café somewhere in the middle of nowhere, an ever-stressed advertising manager named John, and a menu that comes with the following three questions: "Why are you here? Are you afraid of death? Are you leading a fulfilling life?" You already have the ingredients for a world bestseller that offers a gentle introduction to personal development and has already positively influenced hundreds of thousands of lives. What John Strelecky did with his successful book "The café at the edge of the world: a tale of the meaning of life". is groundbreaking!

Published in 2006, the work has been translated into 30 languages to date and is one of the best known and most successful Books about personal growth and the journey to one's self. In this magazine article, we introduce you to the three central questions of the book and summarize the most important impulses. Are you ready? Then grab a coffee, get comfortable, and engage with John Strelecky's masterpiece. Enjoy!

Look into the book: The Café at the Edge of the World by John Strelecky

Protagonist John works as an advertising manager and is always in a hurry. When he enters a small café in the middle of nowhere, he does not yet know that this day will change his life. Because when he opens the menu, he finds not only the menu, but three exciting questions:

  • Why are you here?
  • Are you afraid of death?
  • Are you living a full life?

John becomes curious and begins to uncover the mystery behind the questions. In conversations with the cook, the waitress and a guest, he realizes that this café visit is anything but ordinary. And so it comes to pass that John finds the meaning of life discussed. Suddenly he finds himself on what is arguably the greatest and most exciting journey to his own self. Now it's your turn! Read through the key questions and consider whether you already know your personal answer. Let's go!

Why are you here?

John quickly realizes that this question is not about why he ended up in the café at the edge of the world. Rather, it is about the much larger question of why he is in this world and what his purpose of existence (ZdE) is. Can you answer the questions? Why are you here and what is your ZdE? Once you know the answers, you won't want to waste time on things that don't serve your ZdE. Because the alternative is to pursue activities, tasks, jobs and hobbies that will never make you truly happy. Only by serving your ZdE can you be happy in the long run and live a successful life. In "The Café at the Edge of the World" you will find a lot of exciting input on the ZDE that will fundamentally change the way you look at your life.

Are you afraid of death?

On this question, one of the protagonists explains: "Most people don't consciously think about death every day. But subconsciously, they know that with each passing day, they have one less chance to do the things they want in life. Therefore, they are afraid of D-day. Sometime in the future when there will be no more chance." Are you afraid of death? If so, we have a reassuring answer for you, "If someone were to do the things that are in line with their destiny - why would they be afraid of death? There is nothing to fear. Not having the opportunity to do something anymore if you've already done it or do it every day." It's really quite simple, isn't it? We remember: If you do what you love every day, you don't have to be afraid of death.

Are you living a full life? The Café at the Edge of the World will tell you

Have you ever asked yourself, what really makes you happy? And whether what you do every day really fulfills you? "The Café at the Edge of the World" by John Strelecky deals with just that. The book illustrates that society's conventional ideas are not always what will make you happy. And it encourages you to listen much more closely to your own intentions, gut feelings, and heart. We don't even want to give away any more than that at this point. "The Café on the Edge of the World" is a very hot read for anyone who wants to grow personally and get to know themselves even better. We promise you that you will close the book at the end with many new insights - and your personal development will really start!



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