The power of the moon - use it for your personality development

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The power of the moon - use it for your personality development

Does the moon have an influence on us humans or is it all just mumbo jumbo? We tell you how you can use the power of the moon for your personality development. It has been scientifically proven that Ebb and flow from the phases of the moon be influenced. Notwithstanding this, the moon does not have such a great influence on gravity as to be felt in the human body. After all, we are largely composed of water.

The power of the full moon

Many people still believe in the power of the full moon. Again and again it is claimed that the glow of the luminous orb drives sleepwalkers up outside. It causes sleep disorders, increases the number of crimes and traffic accidents, as well as love lust and aggression, and babies become restless - they say. However, serious scientific evidence of such effects of the moon on the psyche has never been produced.

Align your personality development with the moon

Nevertheless, a power emanates from the moon that you can use for yourself. We show you how to observe yourself and flow with the phases to get to know yourself and your soul needs better. Because deep inside us, there is a rhythm. Our body knows it very well. It carries us. It guides us. Connects us with what we are not able to see with the naked eye. The Connectedness with nature is greater than we think. For example, it still influences the female cycle today. Studies actually show a higher rate of ovulation during the full moon or new moon, and consequently a higher rate of menstruation at those times. The women of the Zambezi tribe in Africa, for example, have long known about this very connection: Their houses have an opening to allow the light of the full moon to enter.

The moon: symbol of your dynamics and eternity of your life

There are even yoga practices that align their exercises with the moon. "For the moon fills with light and empties in darkness. It symbolizes the dynamism and eternity of life!"

New moon - time of purification

The New Moon is a time of purification from which we can learn an incredible amount. This time has the potential to let fresh insights into our lives, we Dream even more. During the new moon, experts recommend supporting your body with gentle yoga exercises.

ExerciseTake a few deep breaths to prepare yourself. Now inhale and raise your arms above your head, also lift your buttocks from your heels. As you exhale lean forward from the hips - rest your arms and head on the floor. This sequence is wonderful for letting the breath flow and filling the body with energy and warmth.

Waxing Moon - brings new energy for your personality development

The waxing moons begins to give us strength and brings us new energy of regeneration. It gently awakens us from hibernation. The waxing moon causes us to become more confident, motivated and enthusiastic. After a period of introspection, this phase works easily, your energy level increases quite automatically.

ExerciseSwing the legs up and bend the elbows to place the sacrum in the palms of the hands. The fingers point upwards. If possible, let the legs fall even further back. This shoulder stand is the queen of yoga poses - it nourishes the thyroid gland as well as the other hormonal organs. The shoulder stand strengthens your abdominal organs, especially the uterus, and relieves pressure on the pelvic floor.

Full moon - time of accepting and receiving

The Full Moon is the natural time to celebrate and enjoy our warmth! It is the time to accept and receive. We can engage more with those around us, care for them and have deep conversations. We manage to express ourselves better and show compassion. The yoga practice around the full moon is especially exciting.

ExerciseStart in the dog looking down. Now lift your left leg and gently drop your foot towards the vessel. Stretch the hip parallel to the ceiling. Continue to drop your left foot towards the floor, roll your left hip upwards and lift your left hand off the floor. With this pose you open your entire body for even more more energy and balance.

Waning moon - creative phase

The time of the waning moon is a time of creativity. Now we have the opportunity to access the information that is processed outside our consciousness. Now the access to our subconscious becomes easier and creative leaps all the more possible.

ExerciseWhile sitting, bend your right leg forward and your left leg backward. Form a symbolic 4 by positioning your right foot in front of your left thigh and parking your left foot near your left buttock. By lifting the arm we can stretch our sides, by holding the opposite knee we can gently rotate the spine. With this exercise you release tension in the spinal muscles. You get the circulation of your liver, kidneys and adrenal glands going - this detoxifies and cleanses at the same time. 

Use the phases of the moon for your personal development

Use the individual Moon phases for your personal development. The fourth moon phase in particular, the time of the waning moon, is ideal for developing your Manifesting wishes. Use the new energy that you were able to gain during the waxing moon to realize your vision now. Who do you want to be? Where do you see yourself in six months? How do you walk, what do you stand for? And above all: how does the new you feel? Feel this power in your whole body, in every single pore. If you like, grab a pen and a piece of paper. Sort out your thoughts. Now you can dream. Think big! Visualize. And then let go! More and more and more. Trust that it will be magical!


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