GEDANKENtanken becomes Greator!

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GEDANKENtanken becomes Greator!

With a new name the Cologne training further enterprise goes the next step: From "GEDANKENtanken" becomes Greator. Other planned events include the imminent launch of the Greator App, your own Greator Coach training and in 2021 the world's largest festival for personal development.

Cologne, May 12, 2020 - As a leading training company, "GEDANKENtanken" has supported thousands of people in German-speaking countries in recent years with top-class speaker nights, online seminars, its own YouTube channel with hundreds of motivational videos as well as a comprehensive podcast offering for sustainable professional and personal development. Now, the Cologne-based professionals for e-learning and personal development are consistently taking the next step towards internationalization: "GEDANKENtanken" becomes Greator.

"We have celebrated tremendous success under the label 'GEDANKENtanken', but now it is time to let go of the old and reach a new level," emphasizes Greator-CEO Alexander Müller. "With our new name, we are resolutely taking the next step towards the future: 'Greator' makes it clear that we are talking about something big here. We have created a really great offer that supports the people in our community in self-realization, i.e. the best possible development of their respective personal potential. In addition, we are sending an important signal for our internationalization strategy with the renaming. The goal here is to reach as many people around the world as possible, so that we can really give everyone the chance to become the best version of themselves with the right tools."

Among the company's latest projects, which will begin in spring 2019 with the Germany appearance of former U.S. President Barack Obama in Cologne made headlines, belongs to its own app. With this innovative and literally groundbreaking Greator App individual personality development can be easily anchored in the users' everyday lives. This service will be launched shortly. Professionalizing with its own coaching academy Greator Furthermore, the coach training in Germany. Finally, the world's largest festival for personal development is planned for next year 2021 in Cologne. In an inspiring mix of gripping keynotes, effective workshops and authentic festival atmosphere, top-class coaches and international top speakers will appear here to give all participants intensive and unforgettable impulses for a happy and satisfied private and professional life. But already now Greator has become active. To better manage the current Corona crisis and its consequences, the Greatorteam has compiled exclusive and selected content from its comprehensive portfolio on the website; some of the contributions are available free of charge for the first time.

About Greator

In 2012, bestselling author, speaker and coach Dr. Stefan Frädrich had a vision: He wanted to fill the world with positive thoughts and bring the best speakers in the country on one stage to do so. And he has done it! Still under the name THOUGHTFUEL he founded a company that has already been enabling people to find their own power through valuable impulses for eight years.

In 2015, he enlisted the help of successful entrepreneur and visionary Alexander Müller to reach even more people. A lot has happened since then.

With Greator a movement is born. The members of this community support each other to develop their full potential. Greator has a mission: It is about giving every person the opportunity for self-realization. As Germany's largest platform for personality development, we deliver Greator valuable content on the basis of which everyone can create a happy, successful and fulfilled life for themselves. Greator Brings people into their full power - always committed to the maxim: "Grow beyond yourself and become the best version of yourself!"

Reviewed by Dr. med. Stefan Frädrich

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