THANK YOU: In every crisis there is an opportunity

The further education company GEDANKENtanken has made content available free of charge on the Internet in order to provide positive input even in times of the Corona crisis. Under the motto "Growing in the crisis", a wide variety of coaching offers are available here.

Cologne, April 1, 2020 - GEDANKENtanken wants to help people in the Corona crisis as well
help them to develop their own potential. The Cologne-based continuing education company, which hit the headlines in the spring of 2019 with a German appearance in Cologne by former US President Barack Obama, is developing innovative e-learning technologies and offers online courses in addition to events and seminars. It also has its own YouTube channel with hundreds of motivation videos and a comprehensive podcast offer. GEDANKENtanken has now compiled exclusive and selected content from its portfolio online; some of the contributions are available free of charge for the first time. The goal of the successful further education and coaching provider is to additionally help people to master the challenges of the current crisis.

"We at GEDANKENtanken have asked ourselves how we can support the members of our community in these difficult times", explains GEDANKENtanken CEO Alexander Müller. "What can we do to help people out there get through this crisis as best we can? In response, we have put together content on our website in the form of online courses. What is certain is that right now, many people have the time to think and answer the question: How do you actually want to live your life? And this is exactly where we can help, by giving suggestions and showing how to fully develop your own potential, how to overcome boundaries and overcome crises. It's about supporting each individual to develop the best version of themselves and to live it."

On the website various online contents are available. These include, for example, a meditation by Christina and Walter Hommelsheim on how to successfully cope with fear and panic - a contribution that was recorded especially for the currently challenging situation. In addition, there will be a motivation course by Dr. Stefan Frädrich and a seven-day challenge by Leander Govinda Greitemann, which will show how to maintain mental clarity even in crises and how to avoid being befogged by so-called "mindfog". 

"My wish for all of us is that in a few months' time we will look back on these days and the coming weeks and then, in addition to all the challenges that we are currently facing, we will be able to recognise the valuable things that this crisis may give us," emphasises Alexander Müller. And he adds: "I am convinced that there is an opportunity in every crisis.

About GEDANKENtanken

Since 2012, the company GEDANKENtanken has been following a mission: its goal is to revolutionize the world of personal and professional development. In various formats, experts, trainers and coaches create a motivating environment both online and offline and convey relevant content that supports people, for example, as self-employed and entrepreneurs, but also on a very personal level, to develop their own potential. 

In 2019, GEDANKENtanken was named Germany's best employer by Great Place to Work. The company of Alexander Müller and Dr. Stefan Frädrich employs more than 100 employees, whose satisfaction is one of the central building blocks of the corporate culture. 

GEDANKENtanken next wants to answer the question of how people can be optimally supported in everyday life as digital companions in order to develop personally and lead a successful, happy and fulfilled life. GEDANKENtanken wants to put its app on the start screen of every smartphone. 

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