Take heart: now is the time for your burst of courage!

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Take heart: now is the time for your burst of courage!

What would life be if we didn't have the courage to take a chance?

Vincent van Gogh

If you want to start your life successfully and happily, you need COURAGE. Three letters with a big meaning. Dare: Now it's time for your outburst of courage. What's all behind this little word? Let's take a closer look at the whole thing. Courage means:

  • your own Boundaries zu overcome
  • that you take risks to get ahead.
  • to dare the next step and to accept challenges
  • admit faults to yourself

Phew, so being brave takes a lot of commitment. But hey, that's not to say you should throw in the towel ahead of time. On the contrary. You can learn to walk bravely through your life. After all, only those who are brave can turn their dreams and visions into reality. This article gives you a few valuable tips that will help you to make your life happier and more courageous. Dare to fulfill your heart's desires. Get on the way to your dream life!

For your burst of courage: Set yourself goals

Where do you want life's journey to take you? New goals and changes require courage. But it would be too bad if you don't live your life 100 percent because you let your fears, maybe even your comfort, influence you. So get out of your comfort zone! It's in your hands. You can steer your ship in the right direction. Answer the following questions for yourself:

  • What do you want to accomplish in your life?
  • Did you... a vision?
  • What would you implement right now if all options were open to you?

Often our desires float around in our heads unspoken. Grab a piece of paper and start putting your wishes and dreams on paper. Write them down! Visualize your desires! You can also draw them. There are no limits to your imagination. And always remember: even small steps lead to the goal.

Burst of Courage: Check your beliefs

In each of us are anchored beliefs. They can have a positive or negative effect on your life. In order to successfully start your dream life, try to check your beliefs. Is your belief system correct? Can you Really fail to achieve goals? Or is it just a negative beliefthat has nested in your head and is not true at all? Then it is high time to change this belief!

What fears accompany you?

Why do you hesitate? Are you afraid to make decisions because your environment might react negatively? Then get rid of this fear. Leave the naggers and sourpusses behind. Because it's about you and fulfilling your dreams. Your happiness shouldn't depend on the envy or resentment of others. Free yourself from those thoughts. For everyone is allowed to muster the courage to go their own way and inner peace to live.

Avoid pigeonholing

Who does not know this? The new colleague comes into the office, a quick look and a greeting and bang, the new guy is in a drawer. Without even thinking about it. Drawer open, person in, drawer closed and done. This is how our brain sorts the world. It's often automatic. And that's exactly why you should avoid it. Avoid pigeonholing and make sure to take people out of your pigeonholes. And most importantly, put less emphasis on being pigeonholed yourself.

Outburst of courage - love thyself

In order to be courageous, you need self-love and Self-acceptance. Not only confidence in yourself and your abilities is important. Also the Self-love must not come off badly. Those who love themselves radiate energy. You probably know this too. There are people who enter a room and attract everyone's attention. People who light up a room. People who accept themselves and go through life authentically. You can do that too. And the cornerstone of that is self-love. Accept yourself with all your quirks and flaws. In this article you'll learn some great exercises you can do to strengthen your self-love. Have confidence in yourself and who you are!

Courage is at the beginning of action, happiness at the end.


Leave your comfort zone

Put an end to the convenience and get out of your comfort zone! If you want to be brave, you also have to overcome the limits of your comfort zone. That is easier said than done. Because in your comfort zone everything is safe. You can move safely within it, after all, you are on your own safe terrain. In your safety zone, you don't have to be afraid of anything. But at the same time, it prevents you from taking risks and trying out new things. So take heart! Climb the walls - even if it means leaving your safe zone. Challenges strengthen you. Now is the time for your burst of courage.

And be careful: Don't let yourself be intimidated. Don't let your thoughts tell you that you can't do this or that. Don't let your fears get you down, because they like to get in the way. And certainly not by other people who you think are much braver. Overcome your inner bastard and forget your doubts!

Do not doubt yourself

The fear of making mistakes often persists in our minds. But everything can't always be perfect. And that's perfectly okay. So, if something doesn't go perfectly right away: Don't hang your head. On the contrary: doubts unsettle and fuel fears. And that's exactly why you should stop weakening yourself with self-doubt. This is not the right solution and certainly not the way to a happy life. Don't let other people dissuade you from your dreams. Why should you? Live for what you love. Have faith in yourself and your abilities. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Let the past be the past and look forward: to your positive future.

Admit your mistakes

Every person has both strengths and weaknesses. And even if it's not easy - admit your mistakes and don't deny them. This not only shows courage, but also gives you self-confidence. If you admit your mistakes and know your weaknesses, you can have confidence in yourself. And thus have more Self-confidence.

A small exercise at the end: Why don't you find a task that requires you to be brave? When were you particularly brave? And how did you feel after you proved your courage? It felt good, didn't it? Then don't hesitate. It's time for your burst of courage! Feel free to tell us in the comments about the last time you felt brave and what helped you push past your comfort zone. We look forward to hearing your stories!


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