Digital Nomads 1/3: Freedom & Self-Determination instead of 9-to-5

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Digital Nomads 1/3: Freedom & Self-Determination instead of 9-to-5

Timo Eckhardt and Sascha Boampong live in the fast lane: Their "Digital Nomads Podcast" has already received over two million downloads and has been nominated several times as the best podcast of the year. But their true success has nothing to do with numbers and nominations: Timo Eckhardt and Sascha Boampong are independent, free and live day by day a dream that many people share - digital nomadism. In the interview, they talk about their path to independence and reveal what they have in common with superheroes. We hope you enjoy reading the article or watching the video!

Digital Nomads: This is their superpower

At the beginning of the interview, Sascha Boampong reveals, "I think the only superpower we have is to see the superpowers in others. So the heroic thing about us is that we give away our superpower to activate the superpowers of others." He and Timo Eckhardt met at a personal development seminar in 2015. Since then, they have shared their goals and visions with each other. But what does the path of each of them look like and what fascinated them so much about each other?

digital nomad Timo Eckhardt: Once around the world

In the interview, the podcaster tells us: "I got involved with positive psychology and communication at an early age. My mother is very communicative and gets in touch with other people quickly. My father, on the other hand, is more introvert. At some point I asked myself: Why do some people always make contacts quickly? And why do other people find it so difficult? That's how I started looking at topics like consciousness, subconsciousness, and communication."

In addition, Timo Eckhardt's long-time girlfriend broke up with him during high school. This led to a crisis, which Timo Eckhardt wanted to escape by flying halfway around the world. He reports: "I travelled to New Zealand and had one adventure after the next. I met super many new people and a foreign culture. The time flew by. And when I was back home in Hamburg, sitting in the subway and looking into all the dead subway zombie faces who were just on their way to their 9-to-5 job, I decided for myself that I never want to do something like that. I'm a digital nomad."

NLP instead of 9-to-5

What Timo Eckhardt wanted instead? A free one, self-determined life. He wanted to create his own life and began to focus even more on topics related to personal growth. He attended seminars for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and events for systematic coaching. At one of these events, he finally met Sascha Boampong, who was also experiencing his very own story by then.

Sascha Boampong: Strong through the power of words

The second in the group comes from a small town in Schleswig-Holstein. His father was one of the first coloured people in the town and Sascha Boampong stood out from the start. He explains: "You do notice that the others look different from you. Besides, I was never the biggest and strongest. That is, I could never prove myself with my muscles, but realized: If I want to exist here, then I have to be able to communicate better than everyone else."

A detour to become a digital nomad

He intuitively began to deal with communication and reveals: "In addition, I've always been a chatterbox. I liked to stand on stages, play in theaters and sing in bands. I was always somewhere where you could chat a bit. Then I started trying out different careers. I worked in IT, but that wasn't my thing. Then I decided to go into emergency services. I moved to Hamburg with my girlfriend at the time, but she left me five months later."

The power of communication

Sascha Boampong had a similar experience to Timo Eckhardt, whom he did not know at the time: He also wanted to rearrange his life and won a promotion on the radio that allowed him to live in a shared flat for free for a year. In the interview he tells: "I took part in the casting and was one of the three lucky winners. There were a total of 4,000 participants. So I wondered why I, of all people, had made it through." Sascha Boampong put it down to his way of communicating and learning about the power of words. That's how he ended up at the seminar where he met his future friend and colleague Timo Eckhardts.


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