Interview with Tobias Beck 3/3: Your formula for happiness in life

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Interview with Tobias Beck 3/3: Your formula for happiness in life

Well, have you already dealt with the start of your personality development and the gratitude list according to Tobias Beck? No, not yet? Then it's high time! If you have, you've come to the right place. In this article, Tobias Beck reveals further valuable learnings from 20 years of personal development - including a wonderfully simple happiness formula for your everyday life. Are you ready? Then let's get started!

Happiness formula: Take responsibility for society

Personality development is characterized by the fact that you not only take responsibility for yourself, but also for society. Tobias Beck: "At the moment, I see many people who are become self-employed. We are living in an absolute gold rush. Never before have so many millionaires been created as at the moment. The danger here is that many people make themselves for one reason only: they seek confirmation on the outside."

But this is a fallacy. The expert knows, "You can only be happy as a person if you make others happy. Only if you subordinate yourself to a larger vision, then you have the chance to build a business in the long term and become happy in the process."

So always ask yourself why you are doing something and how you can give your success back to society. Tobias Beck: "If you do this, society will give you everything back in the form of customers, money or the like. At the end of the day, it's nothing more than an energy exchange."

Your formula for happiness: Stay on the ground

Let's say you've followed all the personal development tips and tricks up to this point and you're really successful. What's the best way to deal with your newfound success? Tobias Beck advises: "If I even begin to notice that I'm getting airs and graces, I consciously put myself in situations where I'm the student and not the master. That way I keep my feet on the ground. We all need to find ways to ground ourselves."

Have an affair with your life

Tobias Beck has another tip up his sleeve, taken from his book "Unbox your life" comes from, "Have an affair with your own life and allow it to become love. Take risks, go all in. Do something crazy and risk maybe not being liked by everyone. Go places you wouldn't otherwise go. That's what I mean by having an affair with yourself. It'll sprout something great and it might turn into love."

Tobias Beck advises you not to fall in love with yourself, but with your life. And if you then give back to others - not because you have to, but because you can - then Tobias Beck considers you to be one of the greats of our society.

Trust in the formula of happiness

Is there a simple happiness formula for always being in a good mood? Yes, there is. Tobias Beck says: "Don't take yourself too seriously! Of course, everyone has dark moments. But I generally refuse to grow up. I don't want to grow up at all. People often say to me that I make the world as I like it. That's right! I look at everything as a big playground. To me, life is one big adventure playground. And until my last breath, I want to play here together with others."

But how do you bring your inner child back to life when you're already an adult? Tobias Beck: "By starting to play again. Surround yourself with other play children or playfully go into life elements where you have convinced yourself not to be good. That's the famous difference between the losers and the winners."

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