Tobias Beck: Start your personality development

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Tobias Beck: Start your personality development

In his book "Unbox your Life" keynote speaker and lifestyle coach reveals. Tobias BeckHow to get your own potential out of the box and finally use it to the fullest! Exclusively for GREATOR magazine, he also reveals why personality development is so important and how you can leave mediocrity behind. That's right - say goodbye to the mediocrity of your life and dare to achieve big goals! Have dreams and be bold! Leave room for magic!

Tobias Beck knows, "Personal development is the development of the mind. It's not witchcraft, but you have to push your limits." Are you ready? Then start with your environment. The expert is certain: "We are the sum of the people who surround us. We mimic our environment, our energy fields connect." Or in short, pay attention to who you spend your time with. Choose people who are on fire for something. Look for people who are positive about the future!

Surround yourself with inspiring people

Where do you find such people? Well, at the appropriate events, for example the GEDANKENtanken speaker nights. There you will meet like-minded people who want more in life and tick differently than the masses. People who use their potential and with whom you can grow together and reach for the stars! Tobias Beck: "Perhaps the greatest secret to self-actualization is to find people who pull you along."

Connect with people who are 100 percent happy with what they are doing. People who don't grumble, but change something when they dissatisfied are. Tobias Beck: "Personality development is a long and arduous path. Pick your friends selectively. Some will break up with you when your realities shift." And that's perfectly okay. Because you're ready for something big now!

Something big? Exactly - for your vision, your why. Tobias Beck knows, "There are things that motivate each of us and make us jump out of bed in the morning motivated." But how do you get such a big vision for your personal development?

By asking yourself the following questions:

  • What do you not want in your life, what can you no longer accept as of today?
  • What doesn't suit you anymore?
  • Who doesn't suit you anymore?
  • What would you change in the world if you could?
  • How can you make yourself real about this thing you want to change?

Personal development: Visualize your dreams

If you can answer the questions, you are already very close to your vision. Now you need to visualize it. Create a Visionboard! Write down what you dream of! For big goals you need many small intermediate goals. Tobias Beck describes the task concretely: "Isolate yourself from the world for a day. Buy magazines and cut out things and symbols that represent what you want to achieve. If you're really brave, you can even put a year behind it."

Write things down in as much detail as possible. If you can feel, sense or even taste your goal in your mind, there is the greatest chance that it will become reality. And now you put pressure on yourself by making several copies and placing them all around you. Tobias Beck: "If you keep seeing your goals, your subconscious will automatically work with them."


A guide for your future
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Do you know what really drives you at the core? With just three simple exercises, you will be able to visualize your energy, identify your desires, and define your biggest goal!



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Reviewed by Dr. med. Stefan Frädrich

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