Community - joint help for your self-realization

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Community - joint help for your self-realization

Realize yourself with the help of a community...? Imagine you have an idea with which you would like to start your own business. Maybe you are already one step ahead, have gathered your first experiences and would like to pass on your know-how to help others? How would it be if there was someone who always listened to you intently, took notice of you, was interested in your projects? Is happy about your appreciative opinion? How about if you function as a community and help each other with your self-realization? Loosely based on the motto, "Alone, I am strong. Together we are even stronger!"

Community: 3 tips for a clear focus

But before we get into the nitty gritty, we would like to give you three tips to help you set a clear focus in your life. Because only if it is tidy in you, you could clarify a lot for you, then you also succeed all the better to focus.

  1. Take a piece of paper and a pen and time. Write down everything that it thinks about you. What beliefs come to mind? For example: "I am unimportant" or "I have to do everything alone", "Nobody listens to me". Now you can ask yourself honest and reflective questions like: "Do you consider yourself important?" or "Do you listen to yourself?
  2. Feel free to do the same exercise with beliefs about others. Write down everything unembellished, such as "Paul should be more attentive to me". Are you able to rephrase this statement to yourself? It might read, "I should be more attentive to myself!" You can assume that all Beliefs or expectations that you have are not primarily fulfilled by yourself. This realization and acceptance is a big step in the direction of Self-love.
  3. Take another piece of paper on which you now write from the perspective of the new you - without inhibitions. Allow yourself to think big. And formulate your visions as clearly as possible. Maybe you'd like to make yourself a Vision Board to decorate your new life with lots of pictures.

And wouldn't it be extremely handy right now if you already knew people you could ask how they did it, successful to become? Someone who takes you by the hand, in turn networks you with other acquaintances - and the spinning wheel starts spinning....

Community brings you wealth of happiness

Together you could get a real flow going, your drive pushes you tremendously, you get into action, get mental support. Together you could dissolve old beliefs like "I'm always alone", "I don't matter", "No one cares about me" for you as you choose new strategies for success. You are both pursuing the vision of self-actualization - that's more valuable than winning the lottery. This is your jackpot that can help you achieve the greatest wealth on a personal level.

Self-realization on all levels

And self-actualization doesn't have to be purely professional at all. It is all-encompassing. Because when you start changing your mindset, facing new challenges with a different attitude, your self-development will be reflected in all areas. To strengthen your vision of your enchanting life, we have a beautiful vision meditation for you. Perhaps you read it aloud to yourself, record yourself doing it, in order to Meditation again and again with closed eyes and let it flow through your body like a stream of energy.

Vision Meditation

Fall in love with your life with almost every fiber of your being, fall in love with your life. Open your arms and your heart for everything that life still has in store for you. For all miracles, all challenges, all goodbyes and all new beginnings, for all moments of joy and all moments of sadness, for successes and for defeats, for accepting and for letting go, for saying yes and also no, for yesterday, tomorrow and above all for today. Life doesn't demand that you live. And to do so completely. With all facets, all colors, all tones, all ups and downs. That's life. Life isn't doing this because it doesn't like you, life is doing this because it loves you and because it knows that as a human being, you were made for this very experience. You are here to grow, to experience, to live, to be and to love. That is the task we all have here. Fall in love with your life and all its beauty, all its possibilities and all its diversity. It is a gift for you!

Community life is full of gifts

A community can be a win-win situation for everyone in so many ways. A valuable interaction can develop from the "give and take" aspect. Give and you will receive: Happiness, joy, and affection. Take and you will get: Gratitude. Is that not gift enough?


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