Recognizing Toxic Relationship: How to break free from addiction

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Recognizing Toxic Relationship: How to break free from addiction

Normally, you should feel understood and happy in a partnership. However, if you are in a toxic relationship, this is not the case at all. In this case, being with your partner triggers negative emotions in you. You feel weak, drained, and devalued. The initial warning signs by which you might recognize a toxic relationship are often ignored or justified to yourself.

This is especially true in the phase of first infatuation. In the long run, a toxic relationship However, your self-worth will suffer considerably. Therefore, it is even more important that you know which characteristics you can use to recognize a toxic relationship without a doubt.

Recognizing Toxic Relationship: How does a toxic relationship begin?

A toxic Relationship usually begins very romantic. Toxic people do not behave obnoxiously at the beginning, but appear charming and eloquent. They listen to you and make you laugh. It's literally too good to be true. Once you have fallen in love and thus built up an emotional bond, toxic partners show their true colors.

After a short time, an emotional roller coaster begins: Depending on your mood, your partner is sometimes affectionate, sometimes indifferentSometimes even downright spiteful. Typical is the devaluation of your person by condescending statements or gestures, not infrequently even in the presence of other people. The goal of the toxic partner is to protect his own Self-esteem by destroying yours.

However, even a once functioning partnership can develop into a toxic relationship. This is simply because we humans are constantly changing. Sometimes things suddenly no longer harmonize between a couple, so that both parties within the relationship inflict emotional damage on each other - sometimes unintentionally. To be able to recognize such a toxic relationship, communication is important.

How do you recognize a toxic relationship?

Recognizing a toxic relationship is basically not hard at all. All you have to do is listen to your gut. Toxic relationships are very painful mentally and drain you. Sometimes you feel like you're dancing on eggshells around your partner, just so you don't upset them. The greatest difficulty is often admitting a toxic relationship to yourself.

Also, some signs are more subtle, which can easily lead you to seek justifications for your partner's behavior. Basically, if you no longer feel comfortable within your relationship and your partner's closeness is draining you instead of giving you strength, there is a good chance that you have fallen into a toxic relationship.

how to recognize toxic relationship

Recognize toxic relationship: the 10 most common signs

In order to recognize a toxic relationship, it is helpful to look for concrete clues. If you recognize yourself in the following 10 situations, action is required in any case:

1. manipulation

Within a toxic relationship is Manipulation is the order of the day. After your toxic partner has hurt you, he showers you with expressions of love, so that your doubts about the partnership vanish into thin air. The vicious circle of carrot and stick undermines your self-worth and deepens the already existing emotional dependence.

2. your opinion does not count

Does it happen more often that your partner smiles at your opinion and thus gives you the Feeling that you can't do anything and don't know anything? Does he never ask you about your views? This behavior is typical for a toxic Partner.

3. capriciousness

One second you're experiencing pure love bliss, the next moment relationship hell. People who live in a toxic partnership suffer considerably from their partner's mood swings.

4. twisting the truth

In a toxic relationship, one partner always twists the facts in his favor, so that you are basically to blame for everything. The toxic partner is completely convinced of his own version of the truth and can even create good arguments so that you begin to doubt your perception.

5. recognize toxic relationship: Isolation

Your toxic partner will begin to isolate you from your social circle. If you spend time with friends or family, your partner will react jealously. Even your own hobbies will be suppressed. If you want to recognize a toxic relationship, you should watch out for corresponding tendencies. Constant control is also an indication that you can recognize a toxic relationship.

6. you have to pretend all the time

In the presence of your partner, you do not feel free and carefree, but constantly have the feeling that you have to pretend, so that you do not arouse his displeasure. Only when you behave the way your partner wants you to will you receive affection and affirmation.

7. absurd criticism

Your partner constantly finds fault with you. This can even be absurd little things, such as the way you eat a roll, breathe, or yawn. You feel uncomfortable and try to fit in.

8. egoism

In your relationship everything revolves around the desires and Needs of your partner. In order to recognize a toxic relationship, you should pay attention to whether your partner is constantly preoccupied only with his own ego. If this is the case, there is hardly any room for loving attention.

9. public devaluation

Do you know how to recognize a toxic relationship? When your partner publicly devalues you, there is no justification for it. Such behavior is clear evidence that your relationship is not good for you. Of course, devaluations in private are also taboo.

10. you need me

Does your partner constantly tell you that you would be completely helpless and unable to live without him or her? Typical signs by which you can recognize a toxic relationship are the following:

  • "I wouldn't put it past you."
  • "You better let me do that."
  • "Be glad I'm so forgiving."

Detect toxic relationship: Self-test

Do you suspect you're in a toxic relationship, but aren't quite sure? With our free relationship test, you'll get a clear answer in just four minutes.

Use the result as an opportunity to rethink your relationship. Talk to your partner and see together what changes you would like to see. If this is not possible because your partner is not understanding, the relationship test can give you the necessary impulse to draw a consistent line.


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