Further training to become a manager - How to become a boss

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Further training to become a manager - How to become a boss

Your career goal? To be a boss. Actually, you never dreamed of it, but now you have an excellent career opportunity. And you want to seize it! You want to take over a management position and lead your own team. You don't really know how it works. But luckily, there are seminars where you can complete further training to become a manager. Don't they? Do you have to be a born leader or can you learn team leadership? And if so, how does it work? We'll tell you!

But first, back to the scenario. All of you who have not yet been offered the boss job may now be asking yourself, "How do I even get the chance to become a manager?" Basically, there are three imaginable situations:

  1. You take over a well-run business, for example the family business of your parents or another acquaintance.
  2. Your self-employment is going so well that you can hire employees to support and relieve you.
  3. You're in line for a promotion. For example, because the post of Team Leader and you're the best in your field.

Admittedly, you could still be prepared for situation one if need be. If you've known since childhood that you'll eventually take over your parents' business, you may have already prepared yourself specifically for this.

However, the majority of us did not study management and did not major in people management. In addition, professional competence does not equal leadership competence. Therefore, if any of the above situations apply to you, there is a good chance that you will need to take a leadership course.

Reasons for further training as a manager

"Oh, dear!" you're thinking, "How am I going to do this?" Don't worry, it's not so bad. After all, essential methods can be learned with the help of leadership training. And it's important to know that no one is born a leader. Some people may have useful qualities from the start, such as a strong will to assert themselves, empathy and the gift to inspire people. But these qualities can be learned just as well.

So with practice and lots of experience, you too can become a wonderful, motivating, successful boss. Don't worry, think of the skills as valuable tools that will make your new job easier. After all, you want to be accepted in your new position. If you lack any leadership skills, your team will quickly notice and, in the worst case, not take you and your new role seriously...

The reasons why you should complete further training as a manager are therefore obvious. Now, of course, it is still interesting to learn what you will actually learn during a training as a manager. In short: A lot - from knowledge about theoretical methods to practical applications, you will learn a lot in a short time and expand your horizons. At the same time, you always keep the goal in mind: At the end of the leadership training, you should be able to lead your team so that they perform at their best!

What further training as a manager entails

But now slowly, step by step. This all sounds rather vague and general. You're right about that. That's why we want to explain to you once again exactly what is covered in further training as a manager. Thereby we refer to the 360° Leadership Training of the Leaders Academywhich supports future managers for one year - spread over 24 modules. You will learn the following contents during the training:

Employee management

So far, this article has mainly focused on the keyword "employee management". Behind it are the areas of Employee motivationpersonality psychology and team composition. In addition, you will become fit in recruiting and training topics and learn how to deal constructively with social diversity. Sounds pretty exciting, doesn't it? But employee management is by no means everything ...

Organization and production

Also Time Management is an essential point to work efficiently. That's why it's one of the skills you'll learn during your leadership training. In addition, there are tips on good learning and memory techniques, on self-organisation, on dealing with e-mails, the Internet and social media, and on designing structures for self-determined employees.

Communication and rhetoric

As a boss, you must be able to communicate freely and openly and successfully conduct feedback discussions. You should also be familiar with body language. Not only to improve your own appearance but also to see through others better. In addition, you will learn how to create a respectful basis for communication and how to master even difficult conversations.

Marketing and Sales

Managers must ensure that the Customer orientation of the company is right. This is best achieved if you have important sales know-how and know how to create a living service culture. That's why it's so important to acquire this knowledge in your management training. You learn how to conduct sales talks, successful and uses online marketing. Admit it, you've always wanted to know!

Health and performance

Yours Employees benefit from healthy leadership. What on earth is healthy leadership? You'll find out in the seminar, we could write now. Of course we don't, because we don't want to keep you in suspense for too long.

Behind healthy leadership are, for example, the topics of burnout prevention, stress management, sport and exercise, healthy eating and not smoking. Yes, a good manager should pay attention to all of these. After all, you are responsible for creating a healthy working environment for your team. And the healthier, more active and fit your employees are, the better they work. A win-win situation!

Personality Development

Last but not least, your personality makes you a good or bad boss. That's why you will develop your own personality during your leadership training. Life goals and deal with your personal values. You will learn everything about emotional intelligence, successful self-motivation, Self-confidence, personal responsibility and personality psychology.

Start your further training as a manager

Well, if that doesn't sound exciting! During your further training as a manager, you will deal with many topics and look far beyond the end of your nose. You will not only grow professionally but also personally and will be able to lead your team with heart and mind. Don't wait too long to start your further education, but get involved in the exciting journey. Your career and your (future) employees will thank you.

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