How company values influence your business success

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How company values influence your business success

The basic values of a company, also known as core values, are more important than ever in the age of digitalization. They are considered internal and external success facts and can clearly distinguish a company from its competitors. But what exactly are company values and which of these values are really significant? We'll tell you and show you how to put your company - no matter how many employees it has or how much revenue it generates - on a new path to success with the right values.

What are corporate values?

Basically, values can be defined first of all as desirable or morally good qualities. They can be established not only by individuals or groups, but also by companies. From these characteristics, behavioral patterns and standards of action are derived which, at best, every employee implements on a daily basis - from the Managing Director to the intern. Values are particularly important in companies, because this is where a wide range of different personality types to pull together in the same direction. Guiding principles and core values provide the right direction and serve as a valuable source of orientation.

Why are corporate values important?

But corporate values are not only signposts, they also strengthen credibility and trust in a company. Because those who take a stand and present a crystal-clear stance come across as strong and trustworthy. Thus, positive corporate values can improve the image - both internally and externally. Because on the one hand a company convinces potential new customers with its values, on the other hand it becomes interesting for qualified employees. And in times of a shortage of skilled workers, companies benefit enormously from optimizing their image as an employer. The results of strong corporate values are therefore identification, Motivation and growth.

A close look at the external portrayals of various companies reveals that certain values are consistently very popular. Companies seem to particularly like to adorn themselves with the following values: Appreciation, cohesion, development, innovation, creativity, productivity, efficiency and growth. Only in terms of weighting do the companies differ enormously: while some see creative work as particularly important, for example, efficiency is what counts most for others. The differences can be attributed to company size, goals, industry and similar factors. No wonder, because a ten-person creative agency naturally has different core values than a large technology group with several thousand employees.

Company values of Greator

Our Core Values are our mission statement, our character, which we live in the team and carry into the world together - with passion and heart and soul. Together we have defined and recorded our core values. They represent our mindset and show who we are. Perhaps they will also inspire you and help you to define the right values for your company.

1. further development - us, everyone, everything

We believe that people constantly want to develop and can and want to learn something new all the time. We not only bring our customers further, but also regularly consciously leave our own comfort zones, in order to constantly develop ourselves and Greator.

2. no fuss

We concentrate on the important and effective things. We do not deal with energy ditches and do not roast extra sausages. In this way, our actions have maximum effect.

3. scaling up

In everything we do, we place great emphasis on the measurability and scalability of our products, processes and organization. We achieve this with a high level of digitalization and efficient, repeatable processes. We use the latest tools for this - everyone is an IT manager.

4. live agility

Greator is a start-up and we will keep the associated mentality permanently. We are doers. By systematically trying out smart solutions, we achieve results quickly. Flat hierarchies and changing teams fuel our agility, which allows us to focus quickly and proactively on the most impactful projects.

5. freedoms are fun

We trustfully rely on Personal responsibility and enjoy a great deal of freedom with regard to content, routines and the organization of our daily work. We draw a high level of motivation from the confidence that this freedom also allows us to make mistakes. We go the famous extra mile with remarkable commitment. Terms such as "ownership" or "work-life-blending" are not a threat to us, but a praiseworthy expression of our high level of identification with Greator and our tasks.

6. think boldly

We want to make a dent in the universe. That's why we set ourselves audacious goals and align our strategy consistently and with a focus on this growth.

7. quality and customer benefit

We pay attention to the uncompromising quality of our services. To achieve this, we work with the best experts. We want to have a positive impact by helping people to develop personally. Everyone can achieve and accomplish more than they think possible. We really take our customers further, the potential to become a strong Change in life is noticeable and ensured.

8. really good guys

We are authentic and do not wear masks - no one has to hide, because the diversity of strengths makes us successful. Respect and appreciation for each other apply in good times and bad. We are liberal, open-minded and credibly represent an aesthetic and modern brand with Greator. This is also part of our corporate values.

You can find out more about us, our mission statement and our philosophy at here.

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