Visionboard - How to create your life of magic!

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Visionboard - How to create your life of magic!

Are you still dreaming or are you already living your dreams? Everything we do in life, we do ultimately to feel certain feelings. Often we tie the feelings to goals and hope to finally feel them when we reach the goal. Why wait so long? We'll show you how to create a vision board and link it to your values and feelings! What visions do you have of your life? What do you want for your partnership, your job, your family, your finances...?

Vision board: Choose heart goals for your vision that inspire you.

What's a vision board, you're asking yourself? It can be a huge poster you made yourself, on which you stick all your wishes for your life. Or it can be - with the help of a App - created Mindmovie. No matter which version you choose: You should be beaming all over your face as soon as you see the new you in front of you. Your goals should always be positive and as specific as possible. Choose goals that are your heart's goals and that inspire you. You are not here to live someone else's life. Listen inside yourself to see if your goal, your vision, is really in line with your own authentic path. 

Detach yourself from old limitations

Allow yourself to think big with your vision board. Detach yourself from old limitations and Beliefs. How do you do that? By checking your thoughts. This can be done, for example, with the technique of Byron KatieThe Work. The American bestselling author developed a method that allows you to easily check your thoughts. It's not about questioning them. But to check what is really behind the thought "Peter should pay more attention to me". Because every word and every action of yours is like the beating of a butterfly's wings. They have an effect on the world and in you and around you. The idea that you can't change anything is an illusion. Be the change you want to see in the world. Be a whirlwind for love, peace and freedom. It always starts within ourselves! So, what do you need to do before you start your vision board?

  1. Make a list of your beliefs
  2. Question your thoughts

With regard to your vision, ask yourself what values you associate with different areas of life and whether you actually live them? In the area of partnership, for example, this could be Self-loveIt could be trust, devotion, laughing together or honesty. Find your values for your areas of life and connect them with your visions.

Byron Katie will also be performing at our festival in July 2022.

Use the vision board as a new ritual

Imagine how good and fulfilling it feels when you've actually implemented these goals in your life, and the person you've become as a result. In moments when you observe yourself and notice that the mood tips: Why not pick up your vision board and meditatively internalize your images - by closing your eyes, just feeling your breath, and letting all those images play out like a movie in your mind's eye. Look at your vision board or your mind movie every day and let it become a ritual.

Become one with your vision

What does that do for you? You become one with your vision. By feeling and sensing it in your whole body, letting go and trusting it, you not only take on a different (body) posture. You let your life shine! Don't deal with what is, but with who you want to be. Detach from your old limitations. Then let go. Let go some more. And let go some more...

Within you are all solutions, all answers, all paths, all possibilities. All that is within you! Create a home that brings you closer to your desires and goals. Within you is the power and wisdom to create a life that is full of magical moments.

Visionboard: Deepen your vision in the Greator Coach Training

Vision work is just as important a component of our Coaching training. It's aimed at getting you find inner clarity and peace. You always wanted more from life? We'll show you how to get it. Every week, for 9 months, you'll find videos, workbooks, and Meditations

In the first step, you first work on and solve your issues. This is the basis for your work as a coach. In other words: In the first part of the training - in the Greator Coaching Practitioner - the focus is on you. Because in order to become a good coach, you must first look at your own issues.

Then, in the second step, you will learn how to use the most important coaching tools - all combined in the method of the horizontal eight. By combining retrospection and vision, you will learn the holistic and comprehensive repertoire of actions and solutions that you need as a professional coach. You will adopt the attitude of a coach and thereby further explore your own issues and promote your development. Are you curious? Then register now here for the Greator coach training!


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