Finding your vocation: 11 tips on how to make it happen

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Finding your vocation: 11 tips on how to make it happen

Are you really pursuing your calling or is it just a job? "What's the difference here?" you may be asking yourself. The words sound similar, but their meaning differs enormously.

Finding your vocation and even making it part of your everyday life - you've succeeded? Then you're a big step closer to your personal happiness. But the way there is not so easy, because who knows exactly what his own vocation really is? Doubts quickly arise when answering this question.

That's why we want to support you on this journey and show you how to define your vocation. But first, let's clarify the question of what exactly is the difference between a profession and a vocation.

Finding a vocation vs. pursuing a profession

When the term "vocation" comes up, most people think of an overriding Life goal, to a task that gives meaning to one's existence and to which one can devote one's entire life. Admittedly, this is almost formulated somewhat dramatically. Through such ideas, "finding a vocation" acquires an extreme weight of meaning and sometimes even has a deterrent effect. It is somewhat easier to deal with this if we place it in direct comparison with the term "profession".

Your profession is nothing more than the job you do to earn a living. Enthusiasm for it is not necessary. You feel it anyway and have the feeling that this is exactly what you want to do for the rest of your life and this task fulfills you completely? Congratulations, then your profession has become a vocation! This is the ideal case, but actually rather the exception.

The reason for this is usually that professionals are often not at all clear about what their vocation actually is. They have resigned themselves to their job and do not think about what they would rather do, or they are simply afraid. They are afraid to try something new and follow their dreams. Perhaps they have simply lacked the opportunity to pursue their career aspirations. Let's start with the first step: finding your true calling. Read on to find out how you can do that.

Finding your true vocation: How to succeed

Are you doing the job today that you always imagined as a child? If not, why not? Have your interests changed or did you have to give up your dreams at some point? A look back at your childhood will help you find your calling.

Here, of course, we are not talking about wishes like princess or knight. We're talking about actual professions here. So what did you want to become before various external expectations or certain life circumstances interfered? Don't be afraid to think back to your school days.

What subjects did you enjoy most back then and what school clubs did you join? Then compare the whole thing with your current profession. This will give you a good overview of whether your current profession has the potential to actually become your vocation or not.

Finding a vocation: If it weren't for the dear money

Let's come back to the present. Imagine that money didn't matter at all here and now. Would you still do your job or would you immediately give up? How would you organize your day?

Spending it completely on the couch is obviously not an answer that will get you anywhere at this point. In this scenario, we're talking about value-added activities that actually represent a profession. But just imagine for a moment that you lack nothing financially: What would you most like to do that makes your heart beat faster?

Look around in your immediate environment

Finding one's own vocation: This is a very personal matter, of course. Nevertheless, it can help you to ask around in your family and your closest circle of friends. They are the people who know you best. Do they think your profession suits you, or have they always wondered why you pursue it?

Maybe they've even told you many times where they see you much sooner, but you've never taken it seriously until now. So this time, listen and consider whether they might be right. Your friends and family know you well enough to know what interests you and what you're good at, while bringing a healthy amount of objectivity to the table.

Find vocation definition

11 practical tips to help you find your calling

You have now gained a good insight into how you can take the right path to your true calling. Now it's time to get closer to it one step at a time. And to help you do just that, we've put together eleven tips that will help you move forward.

1. what are your values?

This question is quite profound but still worth a few thoughts, because it is probably the most groundbreaking of all: What do you think your mission in life is? Is it to help people, to spread knowledge, to preserve culture, or perhaps to advance humanity technologically? Answering this question will take some time. But it will be worth it!

2. what are your strengths?

Are you incredibly empathetic, can you explain things very well, are you a language genius or gifted with your hands? There are countless ways to integrate your strengths into your professional life. In fact, this is an indispensable paving stone on the path to your vocation.

3. dare to try new things

You are not yet sure what your vocation could be? Then let yourself be guided by your interests and try out new things. With every step you take, you'll become more and more courageous to move forward and you'll collect Inspirations.

4. finding a vocation: What's holding you back?

Doubt is human. We are all uncertain from time to time and wonder if we can really reach our goal. But you'll never find your calling that way. So always remember: You can accomplish anything you set your mind to, if you don't constantly worry about what others might think. Focus on yourself, your ambition and your abilities.

5. find your own personal motivation

You probably know this: some things on your to-do list you have to force yourself to do, others you are incredibly excited about. Why is that? Find out what you can easily motivate yourself to do and focus on it.

6. surround yourself with inspiring people

"Work is no picnic," "If you want to earn money, you have to be able to take it," "You're lucky to have a job at all" - you hear phrases like these all the time in your environment? Then you are clearly surrounding yourself with the wrong people. Instead, talk to people who dare to pursue their dreams and don't let others stop them.

7. what do you do in your free time?

Turning your hobby into a profession - that's the dream of all of us, isn't it? So why don't you go for it? Many people think that they can't earn money with their hobby, but in most cases this is not true at all. So focus on the things you like to do and research possible jobs in this field.

8. what does the ideal working day look like for you?

Take a look back at your working life so far. What were the days that you particularly enjoyed? And what were the days you missed that you would have preferred to skip? Think not only about your activities, but also about your working environment, the working atmosphere and the corporate culture. This will help you to find out which criteria are important to you in your job so that it can really become your vocation.

9. take your time in finding your vocation

If you still have to find your vocation, you will not succeed overnight. Nor will you succeed in mastering the path to it from one day to the next. That's perfectly fine! In fact, it is important that you take your time to walk sustainably on the right path.

10. listen to your inner voice

Often reason and our deepest desires are in conflict with each other. Maybe it sounds trite, but your heart always shows you the right way to happiness. What is important to you personally? Trust your intuition and choose the variant that feels right deep inside you.

11. be brave

If you want to find your vocation and finally live it out, this often requires a great deal of courage. This is especially true if you have clear Changes in your life will bring about. But these changes will make you happy, so gather all your courage!

Find your calling - and then live it

You have found your calling and are on your way to realize it? Congratulations! Now just don't get off your path and lose your Motivation not.

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10 Business Coaching Tips for Your Career

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