The FREE ONLINE SEMINAR for entrepreneurs, self-employed and managing directors:

"How to achieve your goals thanks to coaching skills".

Realign yourself and lead yourself and your business to sustainable success!

Realign yourself and lead yourself and your business to sustainable success!

Webinar duration: approx. 120 minutes
You are looking for skills that will help you overcome your challenges. as a self-employed person support? Then you first need to find out what type of entrepreneur you actually are and where you stand right now.

Maybe you know this:

As an entrepreneur or self-employed person, do you always encounter resistance?
You would like to better understand customers, the people around you and their personalities, to be able to convince them more easily and to steer conversations more purposefully thanks to rhetoric techniques?
Want to scale your business and take it to the next level?

Then this is exactly the right seminar for you, because Dr. Stefan Frädrich reveals to you why your own inner alignment plays a major role and how you will achieve your set goals faster and more effectively.


Tips & methods for your professional as well as personal success:

In this online seminar, you will receive concrete tips and recommendations for action with which you can:
define the right goals for yourself and also achieve them
master the art of rhetoric, so that you are able to inspire and convince your customers or business partners of your projects
Understand people and their personalities better
Defuse conflicts more easily and get to the bottom of their origins
Motivate employees and bind them more easily to the company
find out which methods really work in practice and help you to live a life of financial freedom
You'll get a clear guide to move you and your business forward!

The speaker

Dr. Stefan Frädrich

Stefan Frädrich, MD, is one of Germany's most successful coaches and most popular speakers.

He has achieved many goals himself - but has often taken a wrong turn along the way: Before Stefan GEDANKENtanken (today Greator) founded, he studied medicine and worked as a doctor in the university psychiatric department, became Business economist (IHK) and was in the Management of a medium-sized textile trade. He worked as a coach on television (WDR, Pro7, SAT1) and as a free Moderator, wrote 26 guidebooks on a wide variety of topics, including. Bestsellers. He invented the popular motivational mascot "Günter, the inner pig dog" and developed "Non-smoker in 5 hours", probably the most successful German non-smoking seminar.

For over twenty years Stefan Frädrich develops and organizes events, seminars, coachings, shows and programs for Personality Development, Leadership and Business - online and offline. His passion: presenting complex contexts in a logical, understandable, entertaining and inspiring way - and thereby making a difference.

What others are saying about the online seminar:

  • "I used to associate coaching with weakness. (...) Today I know that coaching brings me into my power. I found out who I really am, changed my life and my future as an entrepreneur is secured."

    Thomas Diehl
    Managing Director & Owner Winery Diehl
  • "Without coaching, I would not have mastered the biggest crisis in my company. (...) Today, coaching is an absolutely essential part of what drives both me and my team forward in the company."
    Constantin Bushman
    CEO & Owner Brabus GmbH
  • "I'm excited to see more people around me learn Stefan's skills and knowledge."
    Hermann Leithold
    CEO, Agricon GmbH
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