"Learning coaching for kids: 3 steps to more learning fun & success".

How you can best support children in realizing their potential!

Your child doesn't feel like doing homework? Learning expert Markus Hofmann tells you how you can motivate your child to do schoolwork all by themselves, how they can even have fun doing it and how they can personally outgrow themselves!

Duration: about 90 minutes

Learn the secrets of a learning expert to help your child learn in the best way possible

Free Masterclass: "Learning coaching for kids: 3 steps to more learning fun & success".
Maybe you know this: Your child comes home from school and has absolutely no desire to do homework ... You do your best to motivate him for schoolwork, but your child would rather meet friends to play soccer?

It is quite normal for you as a parent to reach your limits at times. Corona is also a big challenge for children, parents and teachers alike. Lessons from home, concentration problems or even the lack of personal exchange with school friends or teachers: School is not much fun right now.

And not only that - some students fall by the wayside and can't keep up with the school material.

This makes it all the more important to start right there with the right learning methods and motivation techniques in order to turn learning into something positive again.
This masterclass is just right for you if you:
your child Intrinsically motivate Sync and corrections by n17t01
Quarrel with your child want to reduce because of school issues
a breeding ground for relaxed learning want to create
 Learning fun want to teach
your child individually with its strengths and weaknesses want to promote
Learn effective learning methods to better support your child
In this masterclass, experienced learning expert Markus Hofmann will show you 3 simple steps on how to make your child more learning fun and success you can help.

In addition, you will be given an effective memory technique with which your child can remember information in a playful way and recall it in a more targeted manner. You can use this technique try directly with your child!
The Masterclass is just right for you if you want your child to: 
likes to go to school
writes good grades easily and without pressure
can playfully remember information
Reduces his study time by 50 % and has more time for leisure activities
likes to learn even after school

About Markus Hofmann

Memory expert & learning coach

Markus Hofmann is one of the most successful memory trainers in Europe and has already helped over 250,000 people to improve their memory in his lectures. He is an author, keynote speaker, trainer, winner of the German Continuing Education Award and has been named Speaker of the Year several times.

Showing people with the right tools that learning can be really fun is his calling.

He not only knows the best memory techniques, but also simple and effective ways to convey these methods optimally. Whether for children, teenagers or adults: Markus Hofmann knows what is important in learning and how the learned knowledge remains in the head for a long time.
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