"The 5 Biggest & Often Unnoticed Relationship Mistakes."

What characterizes a fulfilling relationship? Christina and Walter Hommelsheim show you the 5 biggest relationship killers - and how to avoid them so you can create a happy partnership at eye level.

Duration: about 60 minutes

Find out how you can live in a happy partnership for the long term!

Free Webinar: "The 5 Biggest & Often Unnoticed Relationship Mistakes".
Maybe you know this from your current partnership or from previous relationships: You have the feeling that you are drifting apart and that no longer a proper connection is there? You often fight and your sexuality has fallen asleep?

Then this webinar is just right for you. Because Christina and Walter Hommelsheim reveal to you the 5 largest Error in relationships, which creep in slowly and can be responsible for great damage unnoticed - up to and including separation.

You don't have to let it get to that point. In this webinar you will get concrete tips and recommendations for action for your current or future relationship - Yes, this webinar is also very helpful for singles!

So it's best to have a pen and paper ready to take notes.

This masterclass is just right for you if you:

rolled into one happy relationship want to live
you one clear and appreciative communication with your partner
a fulfilled sexuality want to experience with your partner
Resolve relationship conflicts faster or even not arise want to leave
concrete Implementation tips want to have a carefree relationship

What kind of relationship do you really want to have?

Maybe you have never asked yourself this question. But it's incredibly important to know what you really mean by a "relationship. happy relationship. Many know exactly what they don't want - but not what they really want for their future.

They want to have a partner who doesn't throw his laundry in the corner and doesn't constantly forget to close the toothpaste tube. Many long for a partner who doesn't just sit silently in front of the TV after a long day or doesn't come home at all because he still has a date for sports ...

In our new Masterclass "The 5 Biggest & Often Unnoticed Relationship Mistakes." our coaching and relationship experts Christina and Walter Hommelsheim explain to you how to recognize your own part in a happy relationship and how to stay in one permanently. mutually fulfilling partnership can live.

In this masterclass you will also learn how to:

negative Beliefs via Relationships dissolvesso as not to repeat old patterns
get to know yourself better and become clear about your wishes and needs
your relationship no longer from your Control subconscious leaves
not only communicate better yourselfbut also listen better
listen to your heart again and make a clear vision for your relationship

Hi, we are Christina & Walter Hommelsheim

We will guide you through this masterclass.

As relationship experts, best-selling authors of the book "Newly in Love Every Day" and over 20 years of experience as coaches and trainers, we guide people to unlock their full potential and create a happy relationship.

As trainers of the Greator Coach Training we live and love our calling to help people with the right tools quickly and sustainably into change and thus to more ease, confidence and success in life.

Motivated by our own stories and relationship crises, we have identified the 5 biggest relationship mistakes that can be very damaging to a relationship and even lead to a breakup. With concrete tips, we show you how you can avoid these mistakes so that it does not come so far!

In this masterclass, we'll give you a simple guide to create a fulfilling relationship and better manage conflict.

In this masterclass, learn more about our method to solve your everyday problems, create fulfilling relationships, better manage conflicts and create a clear vision for your future.
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