What weight loss exercises are right for you?

Do you want to lose a few excess pounds, tighten your body or just let out some excess energy? Then sports exercises to lose weight and get the hang of it are just the thing for you. But which sports and sports exercises suit you best? Weight training, endurance training or push-ups from home? Here you can find out which sport suits you best - and which exercises burn the most calories!

How to find the perfect weight loss exercises

When choosing your sport, you should consider five basic questions. These help you to find out which sport suits you best:

  • What is the purpose of your sports program? Do you just want to lose weight or do you also want to improve your endurance and define your muscles?
  • Do you prefer to stay indoors or in nature? Does outdoor or indoor sports suit you better?
  • Do you want to do team sports or do you enjoy the peace and quiet and being alone?
  • Do you want to work out or relax while doing sports?
  • Are extreme sports suitable for you?

Once you have answered these questions, you will come a big step closer to your perfect sports exercises for losing weight. For example, if you want to work out and prefer to do it alone, then a yoga class is definitely not for you. Try dumbbell training instead! If, on the other hand, you like to spend your quiet evening out in the fresh air, a quick indoor cycling class will spoil your enjoyment of the sport. Instead, go jogging in the park and you'll see how good you feel afterwards.

This is how you stay on the ball

In general, the more fun you have with the sports exercises to lose weight, the faster and easier they will lead you to your goal. Of course, the goal does not necessarily have to be a certain weight on the scales or a certain dress size. The goal can also be to lose one or two kilos and improve your fitness, endurance and health.

A second aspect that keeps you on your toes besides having fun and ensures that you really do your weight loss exercises conscientiously are visible successes. Because if you do sports day after day, but don't really improve, your motivation is quickly gone. And how do you measure whether sports and weight loss exercises are successful? By whether or not they help you burn calories, of course.

Exercise to lose weight: How to train effectively

That's why we're going to introduce you to five sports and weight loss exercises that are particularly effective and will help you fight off those excess kilos. We are not giving exact calorie figures, but only approximate guidelines. How many calories you actually burn depends not only on the type of sport and exercise, but also on your height, weight and other factors. In general, the calorie figures cannot be generalised but only estimated.

Jogging - ideal for quickly burning a lot of fat

Jogging is probably not a big surprise at this point - but still unbeatable. It is ideal for burning a lot of fat quickly. As long as you don't have any joint pain, we recommend: Get into your running shoes and off you go!

No matter where you are - at home, on holiday or on a business trip: jogging always works. You don't have to follow any opening hours and you don't have to register, as is the case for some fitness courses. Jogging is simple and effective. The same goes for training on the treadmill. Both allow you to consume up to 600 kilocalories per hour.

Exercise to lose weight: Martial arts

Karate, Taekwondo, Kickboxing and Tae-Bo; martial arts are real calorie killers. The advantage of this is that you use many different movement sequences and stay in constant motion. Fighting is worth it, because martial arts can burn up to a staggering 700 kilocalories in an hour.

dance & aerobics: sweating together

Maybe you have taken an Zumba or step aerobics course yourself? If so, I'm sure you've had a lot of fun. The great thing about it is that the training is almost playful and thanks to the rousing music and cool moves, you hardly notice how much the training is actually stressing your body.

In addition, your heart rate remains at a relatively high level throughout the unit. The group feeling also makes for a lot of good humour. After all, sweating and doing sports together is better than doing them alone, isn't it? During a one-hour dance and aerobic training session you can burn about 500 kilocalories.

Exercise to lose weight: Swimming

Sport in the water is doubly good: You not only train different muscle groups, but also protect your joints at the same time. Depending on your swimming technique and speed, you can burn as many kilocalories as you do when dancing - about 500 per hour. Whether breaststroke, crawl, water polo or aqua-fitness: swimming is fun and is a great change to sports exercises on land.

Cycling & Inline Skating: Lose 450 kilocalories per day

Cycling requires less muscle than jogging or martial arts - but still enough to burn plenty of calories. One can speak of about 450 kilocalories per hour when cycling and inline skating. As always, physical factors and the intensity of the training are important, so this is only an approximate guide. In addition, cycling and inline skating not only improve your physical condition, but also your coordination. They can be integrated wonderfully into everyday life and are therefore one of the most popular and best sports exercises for losing weight.

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