Why giving makes us so happy: Do good now

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Why giving makes us so happy: Do good now

What kind of guy are you? Do you like to surprise friends out of turn with little things? Do you like to pass on your knowledge or help in other ways? Or do you often lack ideas to make others happy? Yet giving gifts to others makes you so happy, regardless of how much you have yourself. That's according to a 2013 study in which French psychologist Nicole Aknin explored the question, "What effect does the gift have on the well-being of the giver?" People from 160 countries were surveyed for the study. Why giving makes us so happy? Find out more now!

Giving is a basic human need

Furthermore, the study shows that the children were happier when they were able to share their possessions than in the second stage of the experiment, when they were given the sweets themselves. A central reason for the connection between positive feelings and gift giving is the role of social relationships. These are a basic human need and can be strengthened, true to the motto "small gifts preserve friendship" - but only if this is done voluntarily. Giving is a basic human need.

"Establish the balance between give and take".

"The biggest challenge is finding the perfect balance between giving and receiving. There are people who find it extremely easy to give. And there are people who find it extremely easy to receive," has also coach Bahar Yilmaz ...has been dealing with this issue. She recommends: find out if there may be an overdosed pattern of receiving or giving within you. "The magical time around Christmas and the New Year offers us the opportunity to restore that balance." Say to yourself "Yes, I am worthy of being loved and at the same time, move even more into giving and sharing the light and love in our hearts!"  

Become aware of your creative power

But before you spend a lot of time now giving and giving and giving because it feels good, feel free to take care of something else: Your Creator Power! "Creativeness is the energy that flows through us to create. It's in everyone, and even children instinctively love to create," says LIFEcoach Laura Malina Seiler. "All of our thoughts, choices and actions contain creativeness, for they create our future lives. When you are aware of your creativeness, you leave behind the role of victim and use your energy constructively to build a better world for yourself and for others." The author of May You Be Happy shares her 3 tricks for activating your creativeness. 

How to activate your creative power

Open yourself to your creative and individual process of creation with confidence. Release yourself from all rules and boundaries and thereby free your artistic potential. There is an infinite creative power within you! However, you must allow yourself to use this power by truly embracing your creative power. Allow yourself to experiment and make mistakes. As long as you are afraid of doing something wrong, you are blocking your creative power. Allow yourself to unfold yourself and everything that wants to express itself through you. That is exactly what you are in the world for.

Set a goal outside the comfort zone

Set a goal that is bigger than yourself at this moment. A goal that may scare you a little bit because you don't know how to achieve it yet. When you have a goal that is bigger than yourself, an energy is released within you that specializes in finding solutions and really activates your creativity. As soon as you start to take the first step, your creative power will increase, and a lot of new ideas will come to you.

Let go of the result

It's good to have your goal and know your direction. But detach yourself from the result and enjoy the creation to the fullest. Surrender to the moment and allow yourself to feel all your joy and gratitude in the midst of the process. For the deep joy of the creative process is what will fulfill you in the end. Trust in this power, for it is in you as it is in every other human being. And it is only waiting for you to begin to believe in it, because only then can it show itself.

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3 questions from Tobias Beck

What coach Tobias Beck with the topic of "giving and taking", he also revealed to us: "At the end of our lives, we may ask ourselves three questions: Have I lived? Have I loved? Have I given? Looking back from my time as a paramedic, I can say that people have only ever told me that they loved to give and never took. Because at the end of time, every wave registers that we are just part of the sea. I think especially around Christmas and New Year's, we get to reflect on that!"


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