Make your business known online - this is how it works!

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Make your business known online - this is how it works!

If you want to make your company better known and win new customers, you can no longer avoid online marketing. While a few years ago newspaper ads and billboards were the big hit in the advertising universe, today people swear by social media ads and email marketing campaigns. And rightly so, because promoting a business online has numerous advantages!

Online marketing is transparent, fast and cost-effective. It can be adapted, optimized or paused at any time. You always retain full cost control and have significantly less wastage than with traditional advertising. But the most important thing is: You advertise where customers spend their time every day - on the Internet.

That's why we'll tell you what wonderful possibilities there are to advertise your business online. Let us surprise you and try it out right away! You will see that it is not as complicated as it may seem at first glance. By the way, the information in this article is based on Dr. Stefan Frädrich's book "Das Günter-Prinzip fürs Business - So werden Sie schweinehundeerfolgreich". Take a closer look at it, it's worth it! But for now, have fun with your small but nice introduction to online marketing!

Place ads for your business online

The classic in online marketing is the placement of target group-specific advertisements. The basic principle is simple: once you have precisely defined your target customers, they will see your ads on Facebook or Google, for example. Thanks to Big Data, networks and search engines know exactly who your target group is. You pay either per ad shown or per click on it. This method of promoting your business online is therefore very efficient!

This creates marketplaces for advertising that measure exactly which ad is worthwhile and how. Dr. Stefan Frädrich explains this very clearly. He describes, among other things, the following small comparison: Person A places her ads for inexpensive mass products such as socks, soap or USB sticks. She has to pay a relatively high price to reach many people and to position herself better than her competitors. Whether her margin is correct depends on the sales volume due to advertising.

Person B, on the other hand, places ads for niche or high-priced products. This can be significantly more lucrative: The target group can be narrowed down better, there are fewer competitors in the market and the profitability tends to be high. Provided, of course, that potential customers trust Person B - especially with expensive products. Otherwise, they spend money to lure customers to their websites, but fail to persuade them to buy.

Magic words for your business: traffic and conversion

So the two online marketing magic words are: traffic and conversion. You could also ask: How much "traffic" can you direct to your offer? And how many traffic participants convert their visit into a product purchase? Of course: the ideal is as much traffic as possible with a high conversion.

You become successful by measuring exactly which website visitors come from where and where they stay for how long. Where do they click? Where do they leave? To promote your business online, you should constantly readjust the parameters and keep improving them. This is quite a fiddly job at first. But with time, routine sets in and you get to know the behavior of your target group on the web better.

Content turns customers into fans

There's even another way to get your business noticed online: By turning potential customers into fans! And this is comparatively easy today, by creating special interest channels, in which you provide information free of charge and show yourself personally and approachable. The more good content - that is, the more high-quality content - you provide, the more competent you will be perceived and the more trust your potential customers will have.

Facebook and YouTube

As a classic, you can use a company page on Facebook, for example. Here you publish new content that is attractive for your fans and makes them like or subscribe to your page. And poof: Your potential customers receive a message as soon as you have posted new information!

And because you do this diligently and want to promote your business online, the relationship with your fans strengthens. This increases the likelihood that they will actually become customers soon... By the way, you can even stream your own live shows on Facebook!

Another popular social media channel is YouTube: Here you can post self-produced videos and generate fans as well. Show yourself to the world and discuss your products and ideas! In a way, you become a small TV station that achieves great things with manageable technical effort and reaches many people. There is no better way to present your business online!

For your business: podcasts and webinars

You can also start your own little radio station on the web. Because you don't need any expensive equipment for a podcast: In principle, all you need is the dictation function of your smartphone, a freeware editing program from the Internet and a nice jingle for the beginning and end of your broadcasts. You're already producing your own little radio show! If you then register it on popular podcast portals like iTunes, you can reach thousands of listeners right away and promote your business online!

Also very charming are webinars, which are nowadays also called online seminars. Here you make your own live TV broadcast via webcam and microphone from your laptop or stationary computer and present your ideas to your customers. This usually has a pleasantly "real" effect - and thus deepens the trust of your customers in your offer.

Newsletter and personal recommendations

Here's another great way to strengthen your relationship with your clients: With regular newsletters in which you explain current topics on trends, important events or findings from your professional perspective, you regularly deliver added value to your customers. This way, you prove your expertise again and again and the customer keeps his trust in you.

At best, you'll even be able to get a personal connection with your potential customers. Then you are no longer selling products, but recommending them. After all, you then act as a close expert on whom people are happy to rely. And a personal recommendation is a strong incentive to buy. You see, there are countless ways to make your business more popular online. With a little practice, it's not that difficult, in fact, it's a lot of fun. Try it out!

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