Heal your inner child with self-love and acceptance

Your inner child: Heal it with love and appreciation

When you think back to your childhood, how many events come to your mind that may still shape you today? Maybe it is especially a situation in which you did not feel seen, perceived or loved as a little girl or little boy. But which belief did your inner child decide for itself at that very moment? And does he or she still think this thought perhaps even to this day...? 

What intense feelings has your inner child stored?

Wikipedia says: "The inner child belongs to a model approach to inner worlds of experience. It describes and symbolizes the feelings, memories and experiences from one's own childhood stored in the brain. This includes the whole spectrum of intense feelings such as unrestrained joy, abysmal pain, happiness and sadness, intuition and curiosity, feelings of abandonment, fear or anger.

Recognize and embrace your inner child

The experiences, memories, patterns and behaviors - good and not so good - that we have been collecting in us since childhood, the child we once were, all of this together is called "the inner child". The US-American psychologist and author John Bradshaw coined the term. According to his observations and research, our inner child is often both potential and limitation. 

We store good experiences that inspire us. But we also store the less good experiences, injuries and memories that inhibit, block and limit us. Our task as adults is to recognize and accept our inner child and to heal it from its injuries. 

Christina Grahn-Hommelsheim: "Open yourself to your self-love!"

Establishing contact with the inner child is a key point in the Greator Coach training with Christina and Walter Hommelsheim. This can be done through repatriation, talks, meditation or other (psychotherapeutic) methods. "The only thing that heals our inner child is love. And that is love for ourselves," says Coach Christina. "Open yourself to your self-love by integrating it more and more into your everyday life. By doing something good for yourself, by taking time for yourself, by becoming aware of your strengths...", she recommends.

Healing old wounds in the here and now

Depending on the subject, the inner child reveals itself to the client during a session at different ages. These images are not something he makes up, but his soul communicates very precisely through these reflections. "The soul wants development and the coach or therapist is the guide to this blind spot", write Christina and Walter in their book "Heart over head - The simple formula for a happy life". "The inner child protects the blind spots for good reason. For it no longer wants to experience the fear that it tries to prevent through its strategies. It's as if the inner child takes over the wheel as soon as the button associated with the situation at the time is pressed," explains Walter.

Of course there are also formative situations in the adult's life, but often the pain is related to an older wound that is only grazed in the present. All these connections shape the psychological glasses we wear.

What's your strategy?

A strategy is, according to the dictionary, a "precise plan for a behaviour which serves to achieve a (military, political, psychological or similar) goal by trying to take all factors into account from the outset". Have you ever caught yourself manipulating your environment with your behaviour? You exchange a certain behavior pattern for a behavior you hope to get. You trade achievement for recognition. Or goodness for love. 

What's your strategy? You like to be honest with yourself here. If you reflect honestly, you may also notice that you only display this behavior in the presence of certain people. Why? They may reflect the behavior or relationship between you and your parents...

Behavioral patterns of your inner child

Can you still remember what you used as a child to try to get attention from your parents, friends and environment? Which of these strategies do you (still) use today? Were and are you good, good and kind? Or rather the rebel? Did you use the performance strategy or did you try to be perfect? Maybe you got attention from friends or neighbours by being sick a lot. Maybe you lived in your own dream world where you felt safe and comfortable? Did you care for others and wanted to save them so that you could "be"? You see: There are so many strategies. These become our behavior patterns - and thus part of our personality.

Greator Coach Training: Meet your inner child

What strategy do you still live as an adult today? And which of them actually blocks you in your self-realization and personality development? What integrates your inner child into adulthood and thus determines your life? You would actually much rather free yourself from these limitations?

In our training for the Greator Coach that's exactly what you'll learn! Look forward to a nine month journey to yourself. To greater clarity. To more inner peace. You can look forward to many insights that will not only take you further. Above all, they will finally help you to understand how you tick, how others tick and why you get upset so quickly with some people or in certain situations. You will see how quickly things in your life come together that are perhaps still unclear. Confront your fears. Encounter your beliefs. And open yourself up to new thoughts. Bring (again) the radiance into your life! 

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