Your inner child: Heal it with love and recognition

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Your inner child: Heal it with love and recognition

When you think back to your childhood, how many events come to mind that may still be shaping you today? Perhaps it is a situation in particular in which you, as a little girl or boy, did not feel seen, perceived or loved. But which belief did your inner child decide for itself at that very moment? And is it possibly still thinking this thought today...? In this article we don't just want to tell you about the inner child. We would also like to show you how you can get in touch with it (again).

What intense feelings has your inner child stored?

Wikipedia says: "The inner child belongs to a model way of looking at inner worlds of experience. It denotes and symbolizes the feelings, memories and experiences from one's own childhood that are stored in the brain. This includes the whole spectrum of intense feelings such as unbridled joy, abysmal pain, happiness and sadness, intuition and curiosity, feelings of abandonment, fear or anger."

Recognize and embrace your inner child

The experiences, memories, patterns and behaviors (both good and not so good) that we have accumulated within ourselves since childhood, the child we once were - all of these together are called "the inner child." The US psychologist and author John Bradshaw coined the term. According to his observations and research, our inner child is often potential and limitation at the same time.

We store good experiences that inspire us. But we also store the less good experiences, hurts and memories that inhibit, block and limit us. Our task as adults is to recognize and accept our inner child and to heal it from its hurts.

Christina Hommelsheim, "Open to Your Self Love!"

Establishing contact with the inner child is a key point in the Greator Coach Training with Christina and Walter Hommelsheim. This can be done through regressions, conversations, Meditations or other (psychotherapeutic) methods can be used. "The only thing that heals our inner child is love. And that is love for ourselves," says Coach Christina. "Open up to your self-love by integrating it more and more into your everyday life. By doing something good for yourself, taking time for yourself, becoming aware of your strengths...!" she recommends.

Healing old wounds in the here and now

Depending on the topic, the inner child shows itself to the client at different ages during a coaching session. These images are not something he makes up, but his soul communicates very precisely with the help of these reflections. "The soul desires development and the coach or therapist is the tour guide to this blind spot," write Christina and Walter in their book "Heart Over Head - The Simple Formula for a Happy Life". "The inner child protects the blind spots for a reason. Because it doesn't want to experience the fear again, which it tries to prevent through its strategies. It's as if the inner child takes over as soon as the button is pressed that is linked to the situation at the time," Walter explains.

The soul desires development.

Christina & Walter Hommelsheim

Of course, there are also formative situations in the adult life, but often the pain is related to an older wound that is only touched upon in the present. All these links shape the psychological glasses we wear.

Christina and Walter Hommelsheim are the Greator coach trainers.

Hero Story: How Klaudia Healed Her Inner Child

When Klaudia's parents retired, she took over the family business. Her big dream was to be on stage and to inspire people with her voice. Now, however, life had taken a different direction for her. With the years Klaudia noticed that she became more unhappy from day to day. But she didn't dare to tell her parents that she actually wanted to be a singer. In her head she heard her father's voice every time, who had drilled into her from an early age: "You have to carry on the family legacy. Otherwise, I would be very disappointed in you."

Klaudia was also disappointed. Disappointed that her father always told her how his daughter had to live her life. That's why she withdrew further already in early childhood. But it could not go on like that. So Klaudia mustered all her courage and confronted her father with her feelings that had been building up her entire life. "Papa, I love you. But I can't go on like this. The company is your dream. Not mine. I want to be on stage. Sing and share my love with the world."

After Klaudia had spoken these words clearly and honestly, she felt free for the first time in years. Her smile returned. She brought the dreams, wishes and goals of her inner child to the surface and thus also more clarity in her life. Over the next few months, she searched for a suitable successor to take over the reins. Then she embarked on her own journey. The journey of her inner child. And from that point on, happiness returned to Klaudia's life.

What's your strategy?

A strategy, according to the dictionary, is a "precise plan of behavior designed to achieve a goal (military, political, psychological, or the like) by attempting to factor in all factors from the outset." Have you ever caught yourself manipulating those around you with your behavior? You're trading a certain behavior for a behavior you hope to get? You're trading achievement for approval. Or being good for love.

What is your strategy - maybe still today? Be honest with yourself and be aware of it. If you honestly reflect on yourself, you may also notice that you only engage in this behavior around certain people. Why? Perhaps they reflect the behavior or relationship between you and your parents....

Behavioural patterns of your inner child

Can you still remember how you tried to get attention from your parents, your friends and your environment as a child? Which of these strategies do you (still) use today?

Were and are you sweet, good and nice? Or rather the rebel? Did you use the performance strategy or were you near perfect? Maybe you got attention from friends or neighbors by being sick a lot. Possibly you lived in your very own dream world where you felt safe and comfortable? Did you care about others and want to save them so you could "be"?

You see: there are so many strategies. These become our behavior patterns - and thus part of our personality. But maybe you are ready to choose new behaviors. Ones that bring you ease. With which you communicate authentically and stay with yourself. In the here and now.

How to find your life vision

Where do you want your journey in life to go? What do you really want? What goals do you want to achieve? What kind of person do you want to be? We want to accompany you on this path and therefore we have prepared a very special gift for you. Today we would like to invite you to the Greator Visions Challenge 2021. Here you can participate for free.

The Visions Challenge helps you to bring the desires of your inner child to light, to draw more clarity into your life and to unleash your full potential. Once you have completed the Visions Challenge, you will have an exact idea of your vision and integrate it into your life piece by piece. Look forward to a happy, content and fulfilled life! So start today with the free Visions Challenge and unleash your full potential. Join now for free.

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