"Money Flow - 7 tips on how money flows to you in a relaxed way"

Duration: 45 Minutes
Best-selling author and Zen Millionaire Ken Honda clears up misconceptions about finances and clarifies the issue, how to finally find peace in your relationship with money.

Do you worry when you think about money?

Many people have a strained relationship with money. They have Fear, not being able to make ends meet with what they have. They feel guilty, to charge more money for their services or are unsafe in dealing with their finances. Often even suffer Relationships among them, because "when it comes to money, friendship ends".
Bestselling author and Zen millionaire Ken Honda clears the air with misconceptions about finances and clarifies the question of how you can finally Peace in your relationship with money. With Appreciation and Gratitude you can even soon experience money flowing to you without effort.


There is a relaxed way to prosperity and happiness


In this masterclass you will find out which negative beliefs and emotions you currently still from financial abundance hold
You learn what the difference is between happy money ("Happy Money") and unfortunate money ("Unhappy Money") - and why you should strive to have happy money flowing through your life. Plus, you'll learn why it's so important to manage your emotional relationship with money. heal - and how it really works.
Step by step instructions
Valuable input
Scientifically proven
The right questions
Free access

You're in the right place for this masterclass if you:

want to have less stress and worries because of your finances
want to start having fun and enjoyment with your money
want to manage money better
want to experience financial abundance
Want to feel confidence in the future and security

About Ken Honda

Ken Honda is an author, speaker and coach.

Ken's motto is: "When you change your perspective on money, you change your perspective on the world." That is, he helps people develop a positive approach to money. Because many people have a negative attitude towards money or associate it with negative emotions. Ken helps people to overcome these destructive Beliefs on your head to develop a positive connection to money.

He shares his methods & strategies through lectures, coaching or appearances on TV. Ken is also a successful author, having sold several million books. Especially well known is his book "Happy Money: The Relaxed Way to Wealth and Happiness". In this book he tries to explain to the western reader how he learned a positive approach to money based on the Japanese philosophy and how everyone else can do the same. 

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