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Our Marketing Team

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Are you an enthusiastic marketer? Then you've come to the right place! Because Greator is a marketing company at heart. We're always on the lookout for exciting new talent to join our marketing team, so we're thrilled that you've found your way here via an ad or our careers page. To help you decide whether an application with us is right for you, we would like to give you the opportunity to get to know our team, our departments, the work and the benefits a little better, because we know that first impressions count. We want YOU! Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Our Marketing Team

Do you feel like becoming part of a marketing squad of 20+ professionals from a variety of disciplines? Today, in 3 different teams, our marketing experts work seamlessly together to deliver a seamless customer experience to our clients:
Demand Gen Team
Ad specialists
SEO experts
Web Analytics/CRO
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Conversion Team
CRM specialists
funnel marketing
Campaign Management
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Brand Team
Social Team
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In all 3 departments, we combine expertise in brand building, creative copy, strong campaigns, the use and permanent A-/B-testing of all channels, performance-based lead generation and compelling home and landing pages. When needed, we enlist support from the best freelancers and agencies. Our goal is to develop the marketing team strongly and continue to expand and build it in the long term, so we are always open to new, exciting talent that enriches our teams.

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Our benefits

We want to do everything we can to ensure that marketing talents feel comfortable with us, can realize their potential and can develop further. To make this possible, we offer the following benefits:

One step ahead

In marketing, there are always new hacks, channels and ideas to test. We therefore enable our employees to absorb new hacks at trade fairs, online congresses, seminars, masterminds and in exchange with the best freelancers and agencies on the market, to share them themselves and to test them with suitable budget levels. Courage for change is important to us

High transparency

In weekly stand-ups, the teams exchange ideas on the week's priorities and upcoming to-dos. In town halls, we review the quarter, take a look at exciting projects, the sales figures and our development. That way, everyone knows where we stand. Questions are answered transparently.

Culture First

Our Core Values and team cohesion are important parts of our work at Greator. Therefore, we take every opportunity to work on them or to promote teambuilding. Whether on our annual company trip to Fuerte or Mallorca, during sports with colleagues, in the Jump House, a Christmas party or our Pizza & Drinks Thursday night.

Development is Key

You can complete our premium products and become a life, business or learning coach, have the opportunity to be coached 1:1 via Zoom 4 times a year, learn languages with Babble or access our diverse online resources, such as the Digital Marketer access.

Urban Sports

We know that movement and mindfulness have an enormously positive influence. On our team spirit - and life in general. That's why we have a free Urban Sports Club membership for you, so you can do something good for your body. In the morning, during your lunch break or after work.

Free Lunches

Who doesn't know the midday slump after lunch? Well, not us actually :) To support your healthy lifestyle, we offer free lunch bowls every day of the week from quality vendors like MaKE or Supasalad. Falafel Bowl, Lax Wakame, or Indian Summer up your alley? We look forward to having a bowl lunch with you!

Home office & office 

We consciously want to further promote and develop our culture and therefore attach great importance to a hybrid working model. You can work 3 days a week from our beautiful office in the heart of Cologne (Belgisches Viertel) and 2 days a week from home. Which days of the week you combine as in this model is up to you.

30 days workation

Combine vacation and work. In addition to 30 vacation days per year, we offer you 30 workation days. For example, you can work from home in a hotel: work during the day and enjoy a club or family vacation in the evening. Workation vacations are moments full of inspiration, motivation and balance. This is how #NewWork works today.

Our Core Values

A strong corporate culture needs a strong foundation. This foundation is our 7 Core Values. They represent the values of the Greator team and how we work together every day. Get to know them here!


Like a boss!

Everyone of us has the freedom to make important decisions to achieve our common goals.

We stand up for our successes and failures. It is our duty to communicate in an honest and transparent way, in order to build trust.

This responsibility combined with our passion drives us to care about Greator. Because we are not employees - we are bosses!


We pursue our mission with passion.

No matter how distant the goal, we start with the first step. We focus our energy and stay confident because we know that no one can stop us.

Failures will not prevent us from going forward and trust in ourselves - whether personal or professional.

Together we make the impossible possible.


No matter what - we are ready for it!

We embrace our optimistic and powerful mindsets.

There's nothing we cannot achieve if we put our hearts and minds to it. Even if we fuck up, we get up together and come out stronger than before.

Ups and downs are part of the journey but our attitude towards life and work remains fundamentally positive.

We are open-minded - but don't give pessimists a chance.


We are all in this together!

We are a colorful bunch of ambitious people with different characters, skills, and stories. And we are damn proud of it!

We complement each other perfectly and support us to live our strengths to the fullest.

Celebrating our successes is an important part of our culture - and we bond over shared time and experiences.

Together is where we belong.


We challenge ourselves to reach the next level.

We are curious to explore and improve - because personal development is our dedication.

Constructive feedback and making mistakes is nothing we are afraid of. We embrace change to grow. Because a greater version of ourselves doesn't arise on its own - we create it every day.


We create impact with pragmatism.

Jedöns is all the fuss and wastefulness coming from unnecessary actions that steal our resources and slow us down.

We stay focused and question actions that seem avoidable to us. If it doesn't add high value to the business or further develop our community or us - we just won't do it.


We empower people.

Our vision is to guide people to a purposeful life full of trust, joy and meaning.

We not only inspire but accompany them step by step to their sustainable personal transformation.

Once people live their truth, they inspire others. This is how we make the world a better place.


Demand Generation

This team generates attention and interest for Greator as a company and for our trainings by using targeted marketing measures and campaigns (Demand Generation).

You pick up our customers exactly where they are online and try to connect their questions or challenges with our solutions. To achieve this, our team includes experienced specialists in paid advertising (Google, FB, Insta, YT, Tiktok), SEO (on-page and off-page optimization), editorial and content, and conversion rate optimization on our website and landing pages.

Every year, we spend a high 6-digit amount to generate leads and brand awareness for our products via paid ads.

Work example: A/B testing

Let's face it: marketing is sometimes a big hypothetical. You think you know what messages will resonate with your potential customers and what content your target audience wants. But at the end of the day, you can't see into the minds of your target audience. So for us, the key to successful funnels and conversion LPs is continuous A/B testing of our hypotheses. We know, self-praise stinks, but that we are quite good at it and that great lead-streams are created, you can see in e.g. this Read post on Gedankentanken Speaking Days.

What colleagues from your team say

  • Lena Nast

    Senior Performance Marketing Manager

    "Online marketing at Greator never means boredom! I especially appreciate that I have so much freedom within my work. Especially in performance marketing, it's cool to test a lot and work with big numbers- that's definitely possible here. In general, we have a great hands-on mentality here, flat hierarchies and a very relaxed working atmosphere. Not only colleagues but also friends work together here :) "
  • Daniel Velkovski

    Director Marketing - Demand Generation

    "I really enjoy working at Greator! Besides the interesting tasks in online marketing, the colleagues are simply world class! I think it's just great to work in a company that pursues self-actualization as a vision. Here at Greator we work with the most innovative hardware and the best tools to make working as good and efficient as possible. With our lean and fast processes, we manage to make good decisions usually in the shortest time possible, always moving one step forward.
  • Ana Paula Lobato

    Expert SEO & Marketing Manager

    "Working at Greator allows me to grow every day - professionally and personally. There is a lot of room to learn and try new things. It never gets boring! We are all encouraged to take responsibility and think "out of the box". This is facilitated by our strong technical setup behind the daily tasks - it allows us to make data-driven decisions, which I really appreciate. Having a great team only makes everything better! From brainstorming sessions to after work beers - you always find nice company :) "

Your contact person

Director Marketing - Demand Generation
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Lead conversion

Our Lead Conversion Team works every day to successfully convert generated contacts and leads into customers through email nurturing. At the heart of this team is, of course, our CRM Hubspot and the more than 1 million contacts who become aware of our products through the exciting campaigns and lead magnets that our Campaign Managers develop together with the copywriters and designers from the Brand Team.

For our outstanding work with Hubspot, we won the Hubspot Authentic Service Award in 2022, for example.
"Congratulations Team Greator. You have been selected as a recipient of the Hubspot Authentic Service Award in the category: Powerfully Connected. You were nominated because you are very good with our tools and use the complete platform as a whole. Your commitment to providing the most authentic and high-quality customer service via Hubspot is absolutely outstanding."
Tatjana Pohl, HubSpot Success Team Manager

Work example: Launch development

Every month we launch about 10 exciting new events, quizzes, challenges, trainings, workshops or masterclasses into our subscriber lists via email marketing. These formats can of course be used by the Demand Generation team as lead magnets for generating new contacts, but at the same time they should also inspire existing interested parties for our premium trainings, such as the Learning Coach, the Life Coach, the Business Coach or the Speaking Training. The goal of these launches is therefore always to generate opt-ins and ultimately convert MQLs and SQLs (Marketing and Sales Qualified Leads) for our premium products through the funnel behind them.

What colleagues from your team say

  • Hadhemi Gafsi

    Expert Growth Marketing Manager

    "There is never a dull moment in the Greator Conversion Team as we take a holistic view of the Customer Journey from Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing to Sale Conversion to Happy Customers and Ambassador. To do this, we work closely with the Product and Sales team to identify growth levers in the different touchpoints of the Lead Life Cycle stages. It's fun to test new funnel and marketing strategies as well as shoot masterclasses, webinars and workshops with world-renowned experts and speakers. If you're passionate about growth marketing and love working with people who love and live personal development, this is the place for you."
  • Tikwa Müller

    Online Marketing Manager

    "At Greator, I particularly like the positive corporate culture and the many different personalities that make up the successful teamwork! Through joint events and activities, you are integrated from the very beginning. So the work is never boring and you have the chance to develop professionally and personally. In addition to the latest tech equipment, which you are also allowed to use privately, you also receive a membership in the Urban Sports Club and are perfectly connected thanks to the central office location!"
  • Kim Weidenbrück

    Senior Campaign Manager

    "I find working as a campaign manager in our online marketing team super exciting. The whole team pulls together to make the personal and professional added value of our premium products tangible on the front end and to design campaigns that are tailored to the target group. We love to design the customer journey from the first touchpoint so that it can accompany you to your most authentic self - as long as you get involved in the journey!"

Your contact person

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)
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Brand Building

Branding at Greator is made up of a wide variety of components. These include our logo, our tagline "It's in you!", the identities of our coaching products, the web design and our tonality. When used strategically, these elements create a brand identity that our target audiences understand as the values and quality of high quality products in the area of personal development and self-actualization.

We want to create an authenticity for our brand identity that we live from the inside out. Every day, our designers, copywriters, and social experts work to create this external impact and "aha" experience for our client.

Work example: Copywriting at Greator

Copywriting at Greator means using your words to shape the way your target audience thinks, feels and acts. What you think arouses certain emotions in you. And depending on how you feel about what you're reading, you'll make different decisions and act differently. This is exactly the magic we bring to email copy, landing pages, video concepts or social posts every day. Great emotions, storytelling and clear messages are the key to your success here.

What colleagues from your team say

  • Bensu Tugyan

    Junior Digital Designer

    "Working at Greator means continuous growth for me - both personally and professionally. The variety of projects allows me as a designer to flexibly contribute to different touchpoints and create enthusiasm for new things. The vision of Greator is also reflected in the team culture. It's great to work with so many open-minded people who are absolutely passionate about creating every day."
  • George Savin

    Senior Social Media Manager

    "Greator offers a very exciting and thrilling playground when it comes to social media - especially for creative and knowledge-hungry people. Even in your first few months with us, you'll get to know pretty much all the relevant marketing disciplines. Conception, design, text, marketing, sales, not to mention the valuable content in the area of personal development. We are constantly coming across new trends and innovative solutions that are just waiting to be tested by us. So, what are you waiting for?"
  • Svenja Ortkemper

    Senior Expert Copywriting

    "As a copywriter, I am the voice of Greator and there are a lot of things I love about my job! First and foremost, I get to be creative every day at Greator. Together with my team, I am constantly developing new text ideas for our training courses, online courses and events. In the process, I get to see people go through life-changing processes again and again because we gave them the impetus to do so. It just feels great to know that my job has real added value - not only for me, but also for others."

Your contact person

Kerstin Müller
Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)
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Your application process with us

1. you do not hesitate and send your application to us via the 'Become part of the team' button as soon as possible.
We will take a close look at your application. If we have a positive first impression, we will invite you to a personal Zoom online interview.
After the first interview, you will be invited to an interview day at the office. Here you will get to know your manager, your future team and your working environment.
4. you and we are convinced? Then you will receive a contract offer from us and nothing will stand in the way of your career with us.
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