Your own keynote on the Greator stage

The key to success

Become a top speaker

You want to become a top speaker with your own appearance on Greatorstage within a few months?

Then apply for THEKEY!
We give a selected group of new talents the chance again to train them to become top speakers with outstanding keynotes. 18 minutes on stage, which has already produced greats like Tobias Beck & Co. Would you like to be one of them?

* Seats are only limited available!
How a keynote changes your life...

Make the breakthrough like Tobias Beck

Reach many people

Rock the stage of Greator

Touch both the heart and brain of people - with your own keynote. Inspire the masses. Share your message & change something in the minds of your audience.

If you have the talent and the will, we will train you to be a top speaker!

With one performance on the Greatorstage you can reach hundreds of people in the hall. Your presentation will also be professionally filmed with several cameras. By cleverly placing this video on social networks, you can quickly increase your reach to several thousand.

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Your way on the Greator stage

We accompany you on your entire way - your personal Greatorcompanion, our experts from the video courses & our THEKEY coaches help you to achieve your clear positioning, perfect keynote & rousing stage performance.


During your training as a top speaker, we will provide you with your own Greatorcompanion at your side. He or she will advise you on all important strategic decisions and is always there for you with help and support. You will not be left alone at any point. We want you to deliver an outstanding performance on stage - and we will give everything for that


The foundation of your presentation and your expert status is perfect positioning. Here a coach will support you until you have found your exact positioning. The positioning development includes a 15-hour video course with Dr. Stefan Frädrich, step-by-step instructions, as well as the development of your own brand and the development of a long-term vision.

The highlight: You can always arrange a 1:1 coaching with one of our THEKEY coaches. Location independent, flexible and as often as you want.


You will receive professional support in the conception & development of your personal keynote: The top executive coach and director Frank Asmus will personally introduce you to the secrets of a world-class keynote in his online course, which will stand out and thrill the crowd!

In addition, the top speakers René Borbonus, Dr. Stefan Frädrich and Michael Ehlers have developed modules to prepare you optimally for the Greatorstage. Together, you will work out core statements, develop the dramaturgical structure and practice the method of storytelling - until your keynote is finished!

Same here: You can always arrange a 1:1 coaching with one of our THEKEY coaches. Independent of location, flexible and as often as you like.


The development of the keynote is one thing - the rousing performance on stage is another. Again, Frank Asmus shows you how to speak freely in front of a large group on GEDANKENtankenstage. With everything that goes with it: training your body language, dealing with nervousness, the targeted use of humour and working with props. Also in the field of stage performance our specialized THEKEY coaches are at your side and you can take advantage of unlimited 1:1 online coaching sessions. Shortly before the performance your big dress rehearsal in the original location.

The highlight

Your appearance on the Greator stage!

(Seats are only available in limited numbers!)

What the previous participants say


You always wanted to be on stage fromGreator ?

  • Complete strategic consulting and support
  • Working out your perfect positioning
  • Performance on the Greatorstage
  • Support with the conception & development of your personal keynote
  • Individual and unlimited online 1:1 coaching
  • Development of a rousing performance

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Greator is the most successful continuing education platform for personal development and entrepreneurship in the German-speaking world. With more than 3,000,000 (three million) views on YouTube every month, 148,839 Facebook fans and 69,344 annual event visitors, we can offer you a stage to take your knowledge out into the world.

We look forward to accompanying you on your way to becoming a top speaker. Secure one of the very limited application places now!

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