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What is a personality test?

Personality tests are used in psychology to determine certain characteristics and personality traits of a person. These tests consist of scientifically based questionnaires that help you to better understand your character and behavior.

Maybe you've heard other people talking about personality tests and you've always wanted to find out more about them. Or maybe you just want to take a test out of curiosity. Either way, our test can help you find out more about yourself. 

How useful are personality tests?

Personality tests give you the opportunity to get to know yourself better and to find out both your Strengths as well as your weaknesses to find out. Last but not least, they help you to become the designer of your own life.

Is our personality test accurate?

There are many personality tests that are actually not very reputable. That's why you should take one that is. Our free personality test is based on the scientific findings of the DISC model. Are you ready?

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Comparison of scientific personality test models

We are often asked about the difference between the three most common models of personality tests: DISG® and Myers-Briggs and Big Five model. If you're not sure what the advantages of each test are, this overview can help you better understand the models:

focuses on four predominant types of behaviour
different behavioural characteristics in different situations
addresses how personality is transferred to external behaviour
easy to use and remember

classifies a person into one of 16 personalities
rigid results that hardly adapt to individual situations
focuses on and explores how people think inside
classifies a person into one of 5 dimensions
Widely used in psychological research
Comprehensive analysis of the human personality, going beyond simple typologies
Useful for predicting behavior and success in different areas of life

personality types

Find out what personality type you are and take your life to the next level!

Your personality type influences how you behave in certain situations, what emotions you feel and what attitude towards life guides you. It is made up of your temperament and character traits, and continues to evolve throughout your life.

According to the DISG model, there are 4 basic behavioral dimensions that will help you understand your personality type:


Makes decisions quickly
Isn't afraid of risks or conflicts
Likes a competitive atmosphere
Sets their own rules


Establishes connections with others quickly
Finds it easy to express feelings
Forms connections between people
Enjoys the spotlight


Completes tasks accurately
Plans things carefully
Expects a lot of themselves
Has an analytical mindset


Likes familiar processes
Listens carefully and shows understanding
Wants to be supportive
Wants to maintain peace
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What our participants say about the personality test

"I find the results of my personality test really exciting! It's impressive how accurately the test mapped my personality."

- Isabel Krämer -

"Thank you so much for helping me understand myself better. It has helped me tremendously in my life and relationships."

- Susanne Maier -

personality test testimonial
"I can't believe how right this test was. Really made me think about what I actually want to accomplish in my life. Thank you!"

- Christoph Beck -



A personality test records individual characteristics, behaviors and traits. Through questions or tasks, information is collected about ways of thinking, emotions and motivations. The results are analyzed to create a personality profile. Personality tests are based on scientific models such as the five-factor model. Test accuracy depends on question quality and test validity. Personality tests provide insight into personality, but do not support a complete definition or prediction of behavior.
In the search for the best personality test caution is advised, especially with free online tests. Many of these tests use familiar names, but only offer highly abbreviated or modified versions. A trustworthy free option is our DISG personality test from, which is based on scientific findings. This test meets scientific standards and is currently one of the best free personality tests available.

However, when performing free tests, it should always be taken into account that the result may not fully reflect reality. It is advisable to resort to high-quality paid options to obtain more detailed and reliable results.
The cost of personality tests varies depending on the type, scope and provider. There are free online tests as well as paid options that offer more detailed results and individualized advice. Free tests can serve as an entry point, while paid tests can range from 20 to 20€ or more. It is advisable to compare different options and evaluate the cost in relation to the benefits of the test.
The DISG personality test identifies four main behavioral dimensions: Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S), and Conscientiousness (C). Each of these main dimensions can have different expressions and combinations. Overall, there are 20 different personality types in the DISG model, which define individual characteristics even more precisely. In Greator they are referred to by specific names:

1. pioneer
2. entertainer
3. stabilizer
4. perfectionist
5. pioneer
6. pacemaker
7. inventor
8. persuader
9. harmonizer
10. strategist
11. specialist
12. helper
13. preserver
14. experimenter
15. appraiser
16. thinker
17. coordinator
18. mediator
19. designer
20. practitioner
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