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  • Dr. Stefan Frädrich

    Finance expert
    "Money is not everything in life. But it is the basis for being able to fulfill many dreams."
  • Mario Lüddemann

    Stock market expert
    "Anyone can increase their money, you just have to choose to do so."
  • Maximilian Reidl

    Real estate expert
    "The very best investment is always in yourself"
  • Dr. Julian Hosp

    Crypto expert
    "Hell on earth is meeting the person you could have become."
  • Bodo Schäfer

    Money Coach
    "If we change our beliefs, we can change our lives."

3 keys to financial independence at the Greator Financial Academy

We know that the first step is usually the most difficult.

That's why we go the whole way with you - until you have the confidence to invest successfully on your own

Step one:

Develop a successful money mindset

Overcome financial fears, get started and begin your self-determined life.

Step two:

Find the right investment strategy for you

Overcome financial fears, get started and begin your self-determined life.

Step Three:

Generate passive income

Build up assets on the capital market with a minimum investment of time, which will increase automatically.

In this way, you can achieve an average return of over 10 % in the long term and make your way towards financial freedom.

These tools make it easy for you!

1:1 Templates

for successful investments - explained step by step.

Individual financial planner

with a concrete calculation of when and how you will achieve financial freedom.

Regular live Q&A sessions

where you can get answers to your specific questions several times a month - personally from our experts.

Why now?
Financial self-determination is more important today than ever before ...

In a world where the traditional pension system is increasingly failing, inflation is rising and financial uncertainty is growing, now is the time to take charge of your own finances.

Let's face the truth ...

The pension will not be enough.

Even if you are a high earner today, you will have to give up your standard of living in old age if you rely solely on the state pension.

Just because everyone is doing it doesn't mean it's good.

Even though almost everyone has a savings account or call money account, that doesn't mean it's smart - in fact, your money loses about 1.5 % in value each year.

Financial advisors are salespeople, not friends.

While not all financial advisors have bad intentions, they make their money through commissions on products they sell you.
This creates conflicts of interest.

Bottom line: Nobody cares about your future - you have to do it yourself!

But don't worry: we're by your side ...

Uncertain times call for secure investment strategies

Three factors are particularly important to us at the Greator Finance Academy.
We don't believe in promises of quick profits. We want to show you how to invest your hard-earned wealth cleverly - and not let it be eaten up by inflation!
For us, this means: maximum returns with the lowest possible risk - regardless of how the markets develop.


No risky, short-term gambling.


Safe investments that survive inflation and crises.


Your money works for you, not the other way around.
The goal: your carefree, financially independent future!
No, you're not too late!
Anyone who started investing in their retirement provision at an early stage naturally has an advantage.
Nevertheless, it's never too late to take control of your financial future.

It is important to know the right strategy and to have competent, independent experts at your side. But above all: don't let any more time pass!

Because every day you wait costs you money.
"The stock market is not a game of chance - as long as you know the rules."
Anyone can invest successfully
Your goals are achievable with our step-by-step guide

Immediately more financial security

Start now, and you'll soon sleep easier knowing that your finances are in order.

Flexibility in life decisions

Achieve financial freedom that allows you to live according to your dreams, not your bank balance.

A stress-free retirement

Secure a carefree retirement where you don't have to worry about money.

Asset growth

Watch your wealth grow steadily through smart decisions instead of shrinking due to inflation.

Legacy for the future

Build a legacy that you can proudly pass on to future generations.
Anyone can invest successfully
We understand that you don't need the next theoretical knowledge that you can't put into practice. You need concrete, immediately applicable solutions.

The strategies of the Greator Finance Academy are:

Tailored to your individual situation

Easy to implement, even if you only have a limited amount of time available

equally suitable for beginners and experienced investors

"Financial freedom begins in the mind.
If you pay attention to your finances, you can live your dreams."

Current participants are already experiencing success

Join people who are already on the path to financial freedom

"I had to smile when Stefan and Mario listed the typical savings methods used by Germans - my husband and I have tried them all. From call money to insurance, to management by a financial advisor, with no visible success in our account.

Thanks to the Greator Financial Academy, I plucked up the courage to take our finances into our own hands. I quickly learned that the most important step is to simply get started.

The combination of educational videos and Q&A sessions not only increased my knowledge of stock market investing, but also turned my fears into confidence.

Today, I invest independently in ETFs and shares and am proud of my financial independence. I wish I had had this knowledge and this expert support many years ago."
- Eva Schönbach, 54, mechanical engineer
"Although I work at a bank myself, I had hardly any idea about my own finances until the Greator Festival 2023.

At 23 years old and with a life revolving around soccer and motorcycling, my money was often tight at the end of the month. The Greator Finance Academy was the turning point for me.

Since then, I have not only expanded my knowledge of stock market investments and cryptocurrencies, but have also started to invest in these areas - with initial successes.

I was particularly impressed by how Stefan Frädrich changed the way I think about money. Thanks to the academy, I was able to reduce pointless spending and now invest in my financial future every month.

The Q&A sessions give me the confidence I need to learn and implement quickly and effectively. Despite working at the bank, the Academy has given me a completely new perspective on finance that I would recommend to anyone who wants to become financially independent."
- Robin Schädler, 23, fund administrator at a bank
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What you get at the Greator Finance Academy

Compact videos
Everything you need to know, no more and no less.

Our experts summarize the essential financial know-how for you in short videos.

So you can start investing straight away and become an expert yourself in an entertaining way.
Regular Q&A sessions
Take the opportunity to talk directly to our experts.

Several times a month, they answer your questions live, help you invest, give you up-to-date assessments of the market situation and much more.

Don't have any questions? Then listen to what other participants are currently doing - you can also learn a lot here.
Proven instructions and tools
Where do you start? Which broker do you need? How do you get access to the stock market? Which platforms are important? How can you tell the difference between good and bad investments? And above all: what can you do without with a clear conscience?

We provide you with the clear instructions and tools you need to get started and make smart decisions.
Permanent access to the platform
Your financial education is a lifelong journey.

With permanent access to the Financial Academy, you can refer to it again and again, refresh it and adapt your financial strategy - depending on how your life situation changes.
Individual financial planner
Get a concrete overview of your income and expenditure: Where can you save money? How can you earn more money for the same amount of time? And how can you keep more of your money?

You can also calculate a specific date for when you can realistically achieve financial freedom - and what you need to do now.
Expert network
You are not alone on your journey!

Join a community of like-minded people, exchange ideas with experienced investors and participants and learn from those who have already achieved their goals.

Together, it is easier to overcome hurdles and discover new opportunities.
The Greator Finance Academy is right for you if you ...

have realized that traditional savings methods are no longer up to date

You are aware that in times of low interest rates and high inflation, savings accounts and traditional investments lead to a loss in the value of your money. That's why you're looking for more effective ways to increase your wealth.

are looking for a safe and efficient investment

You want to invest your assets in such a way that they grow in the long term, even when the markets are turbulent, so that you can enjoy a calm and carefree future.

strive for independence from banks and financial advisors

You're tired of paying for expensive advice that doesn't lead to your financial goals. You want to take control of your finances yourself.

want to make your money work for you

You want your assets to actively generate profits for you without you having to constantly intervene. To achieve this, you want clear, step-by-step guidance and support.

want to deepen your financial knowledge and make confident decisions

You strive to expand your understanding of finance and investments in order to make informed and confident decisions. To do this, you are looking for a reliable companion who will provide you with the necessary knowledge and give you the confidence to apply it.
Now it's your turn
In just 3 steps you are there

Initial interview

In a non-binding initial meeting, you will first find out with one of our experts whether the Greator Finance Academy is right for you and whether you feel comfortable with us.

Does everything fit?

Great! Then you can make a second appointment. Here you can ask all your questions in detail before we decide on the way together. Afterwards we will help you with your registration.

Let's go!

Soon you will start your journey with the Greator Finance Academy together with numerous other participants. You can expect a lot of educational content and exciting tips for your financially independent future. Have fun!
Become financially self-determined now - it's your only chance for a carefree future!

Our experts:

Dr. Stefan Frädrich

As the founder of Greator, he has made it his mission to help people live better lives at every stage of life - including financially.
With his many years of experience in conducting money seminars, including with financial expert Bodo Schäfer, he has the talent to explain the seemingly complex topic of "money" in a simple and understandable way.

He knows from his own experience what it's like to suffer from financial insecurity and what it feels like to achieve financial freedom.

Bodo Schäfer

Anyone in Germany and beyond who talks about financial freedom cannot get past Bodo Schäfer.

He himself says: "At the age of 30, I was financially free. I had achieved my financial goals.
But one question kept coming up: What was the meaning of my life now? It took a few years, but then I had found the passion that fulfills me to this day: I show other people the path to financial freedom."

Mario Lüddemann

From secondary school student to self-made trading millionaire: Mario started in 1996 as a private stock market trader in the German stock market with a starting capital of 5,000 D-Mark. As early as 2001, he achieved a profit of one million D-marks as a day trader on the German financial markets.
Since 1996, Mario has executed over 64,000 trades with a trading volume of more than one billion euros. Today, he is financially independent and works independently as a portfolio manager, financial analyst as well as a book author and university-certified management trainer.

Mario Lüddemann is one of the best-known trading and investment experts in Germany. His track record and expertise make him a sought-after figure in the financial industry.
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Dr. Julian Hosp

Julian is a versatile entrepreneur, successful book author and blockchain expert. His broad range of knowledge enables him to explain complex topics in an understandable way.
Originally from Tyrol, he now lives in Singapore and is the CEO of Cake DeFi, an international platform that enables people to generate an income stream through their cryptocurrencies.

Julian is known for explaining complex topics in a simple and understandable way.

His goal by 2025 is to educate at least one billion people about blockchain technology and prepare the world for the coming wave of decentralization, making it "cryptofit" for the future.


Maximilian Reidl

Rarely do ordinary bank employees with a net income of 1,500 euros develop into self-made millionaires.

Max is one of those extraordinary success stories. 
Thanks to his shrewd actions and vision as a long-time real estate and project developer, he was able to build an impressive 8-figure volume.

His journey shows how to achieve financial independence through personal initiative and expertise. Today, Max is one of the leading experts in the real estate industry.

The most frequently asked questions about training

For whom is the Greator Finance Academy suitable?

Greator Financial Academy is the right choice for those who want a financially worry-free future for themselves and their family.

If you want to become independent from banks, insurance companies and the pension system, the Finance Academy offers you the appropriate tools and strategies to do so.

If you want to build a reliable financial plan for your future, our step-by-step guides and proven strategies are just what you need. We want you to sleep soundly at night knowing that your wealth is safe and growing.

At Greator Financial Academy, you'll find trusted guides to help you take the right steps and make financially smart decisions.

Our goal is to empower you to gain control of your finances and live a life of financial serenity and freedom.

Do I need prior knowledge to attend the Greator Finance Academy?

No, you don't need any specific prior knowledge to attend the Greator Finance Academy. Our content is designed to appeal to both beginners and advanced students in financial topics.

Whether you've never had anything to do with finance before or already have basic knowledge - our experts explain the content in an understandable way and without complicated technical terms.

You'll be guided step-by-step through the various topics to gain a solid understanding of finance and learn practical strategies for building wealth.

How much time do I have to invest in the Greator Finance Academy?

As a participant, you get immediate and permanent access to all content so you can edit it individually and refer back to it at any time.

This means you can set your own pace. However, we recommend that you regularly engage with the content and its implementation in order to get closer to your financial goals step by step.

Greator stands for personality development. Why an academy for finance now?

Greator stands for personal development and the Greator Finance Academy is a natural extension of our vision.

Money is an important spoke in our wheel of life - it enables us to live a carefree life and allows us to fulfill many dreams. When we are in a good financial position, our quality of life increases significantly.

Countless feedbacks from our community in the last years have shown us how important the topic of finances is for you and how much knowledge about it is unfortunately missing. That's why we decided to launch our own Finance Academy.

In this academy, we want to show you how you can achieve financial independence and thus create the basis for realizing your dreams and living a fulfilled life.

How is Greator Financial Academy different from dubious financial coaches on Instagram and what are its goals?

At Greator Financial Academy, we clearly distance ourselves from dubious financial coaches who lure you on social media platforms with unrealistic promises of profits.

Our focus is to impart knowledge and empower you to take control of your finances yourself, making you independent of just such dubious people and institutions. We have no hidden agendas and no commissions from financial products in mind.

Our only goal is to empower you with quality knowledge, qualified experts and transparent information to make wise and sustainable financial decisions.

Our promise: In the Greator Finance Academy you will receive guidance for continuous and secure wealth accumulation, realistic profit forecasts and sustainable investment strategies.

We deliberately avoid dubious promises and opaque financial instruments. Instead, we rely on clear explanations without jargon, transparency, and independent tips and recommendations.
Still here? Then clarify your questions now! :)

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