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Discover the best coaches live at our events at Greator, the largest platform for personal development. Benefit from in-depth content and proven strategies to support you on your journey. Our experts will guide you through every stage of your personal development to unleash your full potential. Start your transformation now with Greator.

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ice bathing

One-day workshop with Wim Hof


August 3, 2024

Gain control over your body and mind. Breathing techniques, ice bathing and meditation - the key to a stronger you.
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unleash the power within

SEPTEMBER 05 - 08, 2024

Experience Tony Robbins live in Cologne and start your transformative journey. UPW Europe 2024 is more than just an event, it is the key to a profound, sustainable transformation.

Europe's largest festival for personal development

Greator Festival 2025

JUNE 27 - 28, 2025

Celebrate with us! 2 days at the world's largest festival for personal development.

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Greator Festival Online - 2021

Celebrate with us.

The world's best coaches share their knowledge with you for a week - live in your living room. Are you ready to be inspired? 

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"Why Greator? Because it brings personal development to many people in a very personable way."

- Laura Malina Seiler -

Visionary, Empowerment Coach,
"A high quality content and professionally organized online festival."

- Joey Kelly -

Musician, extreme athlete,
"Wonderfully rich, fun, and well organized."

- David Allen -

Author of Getting things done,
International top speaker, founder
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