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Come into your greatest power, become a coach yourself and guide other people on the path to their self-realization, all with the coach training of Greator and our top coaches Christina and Walter Hommelsheim.

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Whether it's motivation, goal achievement, stress management, partnership, professional development or health - with the Greator app, you'll always have the best coaches for your self-actualization in your pocket!
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Greator Festival Online

Celebrate with us.

The world's best coaches share their knowledge with you for 4 days - live in your living room. You are hungry for new impulses? 

Greator Festival
Cologne - 2022


Join us for the three-day event! Experience the world's largest festival for personal development. 

Speaker's Night

Volksbühne Cologne

Tomorrow's top speakers will inspire you with new stories.

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Understand your behaviour. Live your strengths.

Understand your behavior and recognize your strengths. Get to know yourself and the people around you better.

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