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We are customer focused AND data-driven. Deep insights and data points are helping us to shift product marketing from an art into a creative science. We use our excellent communication skills to foster existing relationships and help our global network unfold. We’re united by the same goal: bringing out the best in people.
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»At Greator I’m working on making our appearance on all social networks perfectly aligned with our community and its interests. This includes not only choosing the right content, but also understanding how best to place it on the ever-evolving social platforms. As a team, we always try to understand the algorithms, implement the latest trends and features and thus help the community to advance and self-actualize in the best possible way. Before Greator, I went through different stations and courses of studies, which were both very creative and communicative - and at the same time very analytical. This combination is what I find particularly exciting about Greator: extraordinary and creative ideas paired with analytical and structured approaches.«

Saskia Mertens

Head of Social
»I am looking after the Business Intelligence and Finance Department. I love analytics to empower the data drivenness of our teams and in the past I built up the Analytics/Business Intelligence departments of Freeletics and of ventures of Rocket Internet and of Team Europe.
As CFO of Greator I ensure that our Accounting Department generates decision supporting information and an efficient cash cycle management by delivering reliable and timely financial and controlling reports and measures. In addition I ensure that our associated BI Department with it’s ‘single source of truth’ data warehouse delivers actionable insights and data scientific deep dives. Besides I am managing our external lawyers and tax advisors with legal topics. As a fan of personal development for me Greator is the place to be: It connects this passion with my fervor for generating financial relevant insights that make a difference - short and long term.«

Stefan Wieczorek

»I am the Head Of the Traffic Team at Greator. We are responsible for the paid acquisition of leads, installs & subscribers for our products. In addition, we are responsible together with our Finance and IT team for the collection and processing of traffic and customer data for comprehensive analysis. Before I started at Greator, I was involved in building up performance marketing in several large and small companies, most recently for a start-up project, with which we digitalised the driving school market and, through digital marketing, grew into one of the largest schools in Germany in a very short time. My ambition is always to use the latest technologies and tools to master the challenges of today's digital competition. I am also personally highly interested in current trends and developments in all marketing and technology topics.«

Dennis Ommer

Head of Traffic
»As a copywriter, it's my job to provide our community with all content related to Greator. Together with my colleagues from the Copywriter Team we form the voice of Greator. Many e-mails, landing pages and other texts about the company have been written by me. As we work data-driven, it’s always my goal to write even better copy than before and to learn new skills. I have always had a passion for writing and I am a very creative person. However, I started completely different. After studying Chinese, I worked as a screenwriter in the television industry. So storytelling is my biggest strength. When I became more involved in personal development, I came across Greator. The vision of empowering as many people as possible to achieve self-realization really impressed me. I am thrilled by the team spirit and the passion with which everyone at Greator works. And I am very happy to have found many new friends, who are not only very talented colleagues, but also like to chat and let creativity flow.«

Nina Kummetz Brunetto


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