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We are on a mission to make a positive impact in countless lives. Our ideas fuel innovative solutions. Our strategies ignite transformation. We know that it’s difficult to live a meaningful live without meaningful work. That’s why were part of a purpose driven community that lifts each other up.
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»I am the CEO of Greator and I am responsible for basically everything and nothing ?
At Greator, I am able to live my dream and to combine my two biggest passions- personal development and entrepreneurship. I got in touch with personal development at the age of 15 for the first time - quite a lot of time has passed since then and it became a vital part of my daily life. I´ve learned so much about myself and I find it fascinating to see myself and other people grow.
I am convinced that every individual is able to unfold their full potential, once they understood how to do that. Before Greator, I have founded several companies. Each company was something special but Greator beats everything I've done so far. Together with a world-class team of experts, we pursue the vision of reaching as many people as possible internationally to support them in unleashing their full potential and to integrate personal development into their everyday life - by using the latest technologies. I can't think of anything better!«

Alexander Müller

»I work closely with the C-level on all different kinds of projects - from Tech to HR to Sales - to shape Greator’s strategy and thus the future of personal and professional development. Before joining Greator I’ve worked as a strategy consultant at McKinsey for more than five years - the data-driven, analytical and agile approaches I’ve developed there definitely come in handy in my current role, too. I love the opportunity to now use these skills to collaborate on and drive projects I truly believe in. What makes me jump out of bed happily every morning? Knowing that what we work on has the potential to make a great difference in somebody’s life, the way my entire team radiates drive and positivity… and my personal motto of “Let’s get it OM!«

Svenja Heyer

Strategic Advisor
I joined Greator as a Tech Recruiter where I am responsible for finding and retaining the top talent. This includes a full-cycle recruitment approach while simultaneously consulting with our hiring team to develop the best recruitment strategy. Additionally, I ensure our candidates have a smooth and efficient recruitment experience. Our team also oversees our employer branding which aims to show the community an authentic view of what it is like to work at Greator (which is great!). I was previously working for a large tech company in the travel industry where I was also responsible for the recruitment of our international tech teams. I love working in a diverse environment and am specifically interested in cross cultural collaboration. There are many things I love about Greator but something that stands out are our core values. I believe these truly guide our every day work and ultimately help us make the most important business decisions. Another thing I appreciate is the emphasis of finding the right candidate fit in every aspect- it’s not just about the hard skills.

Sofia Torra

»I am the CEO of GEDANKENtanken Pictures and share this position with my colleague Marcel Aniol. GEDANKENtanken Pictures is the film division of Greator. Since the first days of Greator (formerly GEDANKENtanken) I have been responsible for the film realisation of Greator contents. Since the beginning of 2013 to be exact. And it was here that I first came into contact with personal development. I've always been interested in it but I had never experienced it in this compressed form before. And as far as filming is concerned: working in the film business was my goal from my early childhood on - and it's something I've done all my life. I started with short films in my early youth. After school I quickly moved on to TV. At some point I started my own film production - where I produced image films, TV shows and a feature film. It is close to my heart to inspire people with films and to show new perspectives. And because Greator takes people further, I can only say: It's a match! I can bring both passions together: film and personal development.«

Bülent Aktas

CEO GEDANKENtanken pictures gmbh

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