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We are a bunch of curious pioneers who want to create impact with the work we’re doing. We love to work in small teams. Yet we value the true team spirit of a company that inspires innovation and creativity. Together we’ll develop the technology that helps people to become the best version of themselves.

Here’s what you can expect as a software engineer

Focus on impact:
Creating value is our first goal. Everything else comes second

Lots of freedom:
our managers practice servant leadership. They will focus on giving you context, removing your roadblocks and supporting your growth

Product responsibility:
you’re playing an active role in the product strategy and feature ideation. Hypothesis and experiments are your tools of choice to build extraordinary products

Very high hiring bar:
We only hire the engineers that we’re enthusiastic about. From a cultural as well as a technical perspective
greator career tech
»As a Software Engineer I'm working mainly on our tech products like our Greator App. We are organized in cross-functional teams working focussed and self-organized on the products. For me that does not mean only writing clean software code, it’s more about on the one hand striving for the best solutions to deliver valuable software to our customers and on the other hand working closely together with my colleagues, helping and supporting them. Before I joined Greator I’ve worked for different companies and industries, e.g. a software consultancy and a work and travel platform which was a great product and had a huge impact on people's life regarding their experiences and cultural exchanges. It’s great to see that we have a positive impact on people's life too and this motivates me everyday!«

Michael Thomer

sogtware engineer
»I work closely with our CPO and CTO supporting our product teams with whatever needs they have in regard of development. My team has the responsibility for building and maintaining our internal product platform which is used for the products we offer to our customers. This means I try to balance all of our different projects and make sure that we keep consistency across everything that we develop. But the most important part of my work is building trusting teams and, since we are growing pretty fast in the tech area, recruit new colleagues. I chose this company because I enjoy having the opportunity to shape the future of it and to work with amazing people on products that improve people's lives.«

Timur Olzhabayev

Head of development
»As part of the Software Engineering team, I have the chance to contribute to the development of the many exciting tech products that we bring to life here at Greator. I work closely with colleagues from various departments — engineering, product management, marketing, copywriting — within small teams that are responsible for the successful accomplishment of a project. While my main purpose is to turn quality code into great software I also strive, along with my colleagues, to continuously improve our tech infrastructure and optimize our processes. At Greator, I have found a motivating environment where every day is an opportunity to learn something new and to have a positive impact on the products we offer to our community.«

Laurent Escalier

sogtware engineer

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