Sarah Kaluza

Self-love & self-worthVision & ManifestingFemininity / Yin&Yang energy
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Life Coach: 2023

I love supporting women in creating a life full of lightness, vitality and positive energy. I support you in regaining your balance, your inner center and in sorting yourself out, uncovering and questioning old patterns, inner drivers, etc. I motivate you to get out of your comfort zone and to be open and courageous for new things. I am convinced that you can use this power to be an incredibly attractive magnet! For your dream life! I want you to strengthen your self-worth so that no matter what happens on the outside, you stay with yourself and are always aware that you are valuable, important, unique and enough. That you live a freedom within yourself that offers you security at the same time. I support you on your journey into this wonderful, enchanting energy. Into your balance. Let's go on this exciting, wonderful journey together, on the journey back to YOU ♥

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