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Dieter Lange

Dieter Lange is a psychologist, top executive trainer, economist and an absolute impulse generator. For over 30 years he has been one of the most sought-after experts for change. He is a coach of top athletes and board members in several top European companies.

In his seminars and coaching sessions, the successful keynote speaker combines his many years of experience in business, his broad psychological knowledge and cultural wisdom - always presented with brilliant rhetoric and entertaining metaphors.

With his positive, optimistic outlook on life and radical Acceptance of all that is, Dieter Lange teaches you the importance of personal responsibility and intrinsic motivation on the path to success.

One of the central concepts in Dieter's work is the "North Star Life Plan", which serves as a model for personal and professional growth. The North Star stands for integrity, clarity, courage and self-responsibility and is intended to encourage people to pursue their goals consistently and authentically. Dieter emphasizes again and again that it is important to to remain faithful and not be distracted by external influences.

He has published numerous books in recent years, including "You can tell a winner at the start, but so can a loser". In his works, he not only imparts sound knowledge, but also practical tips and tricks to support readers and listeners in their personal and professional growth.

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You will learn the most important basics of entrepreneurship, [...]
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Actually, you have everything you want: success, house, family ... From the outside everything seems perfect - but you have the feeling that something is missing. You want to be happier, feel inner satisfaction and know your purpose?

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Why are so many people unhappy right now? Even though they have everything they need to be satisfied. And why are especially successful entrepreneurs affected by inner emptiness, disorientation and restlessness? Dieter Lange knows the answer!

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"At the end of your life, it's not what you've experienced that matters - it's what you haven't experienced"

You're successful, but sometimes you wonder, what you actually work so hard for every day. Maybe you are already feeling the downside of your success at one point or another: Your partner complains that you come home too late, you don't know how your children are really doing and you have headaches more and more often.

Do not let it come to that your private life and your health suffer from your professional success.

You want to get orientation in a complex world?A high standard of living alone is not enough for you - you also want to feel really happy and fulfilled? Then the school of life with Dieter Lange just right for you.

The school of life with Dieter Lange

From standard of living to quality of life

Start your new life

Find your true purpose and your personal North Star.

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Dieter Lange is a psychologist, top executive trainer, economist and an absolute driving force.

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