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After more than 60 years, life has put "new mosaic stones" on my path, to look at and become aware of. I have asked myself questions, left my job, made my way from "functioning in roles" to myself and experienced the emotional range.
That's how my why came about. I want to encourage people who feel the need to take their lives into their own hands and want to change something, and people who are pushed into a change, give them orientation and accompany them in the change processes.
The confidence in our path arises in the reflection, in the peace within us. For this I hold the space, give you impulses, listen and listen, ask questions, intuitively, empathically, gladly in conversation in connection with nature.
I love to be in connection with people who want to walk the path to their unfoldment and find themselves, to meet them soul to soul, to inspire them.
Change creates free space - space for something new.

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