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Born on 18.3.1958, grew up well protected in the circle of an intact family.
And yet there were always the moments of depressive moods.
I have lived my life successfully on different stages, as a family woman, as a teacher of pubescents and as a home director in a house for young people, I have supported, accompanied, organized, helped, was always there for everyone else and I myself withered away in the process. My most courageous step was to stand by myself, to say YES to myself, combined with the fear of losing everyone else.
A voice inside me grew louder and louder, saying, there is still something there. And so I set out, saying goodbye to autoimmune diseases such as hyperthyroidism, celiac disease and tinnitus, with the feeling through of the underlying emotion.
For me, the work as a GreatorCoach is so meaningful because it brings people into their true greatness. I also like to offer my coaching sessions on my alp in Switzerland.

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