Andrea Würdig

Pressure/overload Self love/femininity authentic communication Partnership/Relationships
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Groundhog Day
Does that sound familiar?
Recurring situations in which you feel inferior, at the mercy of others, dissatisfied, paralyzed or even aggressive?
Do you know the constant pressure to perform, to prove yourself and the fear of failing or being judged? Or the self-critic?
I know it all too well and love to accompany YOU on your individual path of self-realization, so that you believe in yourself and your potential and feel it.
I would like to inspire and support you to recognize your thought and behavior patterns and if they are hindering, help you to dissolve them. The difficult life situations you meet through the guided affirmative feeling and acceptance of emotions new, with noticeable changes.
My strengths are empathy and sensitivity, as well as my conversational skills with targeted questioning techniques.
My specialties are pressure/overload, self-love/femininity, vision

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