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"I was so looking forward to school. And now it's so (stupid)!"
This statement comes from my daughter. About half a year after she started 1st grade. It almost tore my heart out. The road after that was tearful at times, not always easy for us at home, and finally brought me to learning coach training in 2019.
The statement was made about six years ago now.
The learning situation today is 95 % relaxed & easy. We were even allowed to learn that you can laugh and have fun even when learning vocabulary. And I get to be dad again instead of teacher.
Since then, a Life Kinetics and Business Coach training were added. The combination of the contents and techniques gives me the opportunity to support and accompany children, teenagers and adults optimally around the topic of learning.
And that's what I currently do with passion in one-on-one coaching and in school classes because, "Everyone deserves to be able to learn while having fun."

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