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About ME for YOU ...
My name is Cathrin Eich and I live with my husband and my animals in Gummersbach near Cologne.
As Greator Co-Head & Life Coach, hypnotherapeutic coach and business coach I support people in their realignment, in change processes, in strengthening their mindset and in solving inner conflicts.
My personal motto is "Live YOUR life NOW".
My why ?
After more than 35 professional years as a Finance & Marketing Manager/Director in the automotive/chemical industry, I am now pursuing my calling as a Coach & Consultant - virtually as a start-up in the 3rd phase of life!
I work online and on-site in my own practice in Gummersbach.
I love to see people holistically🧡. That's why I'm taking additional hypnosis master classes: anxiety, addictions, pain, self-worth, unblocking, children & teens, psychosomatic, stress & burnout.
The coaching is very sustainable in combination with the method of the "Lying 8"!

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