Eva Schloegel

Dating, Relationships, Self love
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My clients describe me as warm, present, charismatic, inspiring and focused.
I follow the words of Ajahn Brahm, "The most important person is who I am with right now."
My motto: "So that you live the life you want. In good company".

Since I was single myself for almost 8 years, I can empathize very well with my single clients who are struggling with self-love, their past or a lack of vision or attraction. Through a lot of self-reflection I have found the key to a happy relationship and would like to help my clients on their way to such a relationship.

In 1:1 coaching I mainly use the method of the lying eight of Greator. I also offer workshops in Munich, webinars and online courses.

I am happy to meet you and to accompany you on your way.

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