Kirsten Wunderle

Kirsten Wunderle

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AddressPrien on Lake ChiemseeBYGermany

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Coach since2015

"If learning isn't fun, something is wrong."

But what exactly and how can it be changed? Together with my coachee, I go on an individual search for clues. First, we uncover the secret of why learning is NO FUN. In addition, we deal with different learning methods as well as creativity and memory techniques.

And as Friedrich Engels already knew: "An ounce of practice is better than a ton of theory." Therefore, all learned techniques are immediately applied together based on the coachee's learning material. Often I then hear: "that was really fun - I didn't know that learning could also be so funny."

Almost incidentally, a sense of achievement is gained and self-confidence is strengthened. And the former learning muffle becomes a willing learner - want to bet?

By the way: since "learning" doesn't just stop after school, as a trainee coach I give workshops in companies on the topics of learning methods, memory techniques and exam preparation.

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