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Michaela Hinz

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Phone+49 152 21809207

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Coach since2014

From the head to the heart, from thinking to feeling - but how? 
As an industrial engineer, I worked a lot until my body started to feel ill in my mid-thirties. This was my turning point. My personality development started. During my training as a transformation therapist according to Robert Betz, my image of myself and of people was honestly examined and re-evaluated. As a result, I completely realigned my life. As a Master Inspiration Coach according to Heart Over Head/Greator Coach, I succeed in drawing more and more things of the heart into my life with the method of the "lying eight" and vision work. The fascinating thing about it: I alone am the one working on myself and everything changes on the outside. You can do that too!
Today I have a positive feeling for myself, live in a healthy body, love my womanhood and live a harmonious partnership. I would be happy to share all my knowledge and experience with you. I look forward to meeting you 🙂

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