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My childhood was marked by care and unspoken love. Always sheltered, I learned to develop freely. And yet I developed blockades, like every child. I learned them through my environment. But I also created my own. I was good at being there for others. In the process, I lost myself. Even my laughter did not belong to me. No inner warmth and genuineness. But I didn't want to be a depressed person, with no plans for the future and no joy in life (growing up in the 80s with Chernobyl and dying forests). So I got to know myself. I put away what I didn't like and decided that it didn't belong to me. And I rediscovered myself and became the person deep inside me. And there I am again. Completely myself. And I love it! Full of confidence and real joy of life. And that's what I want to pass on. Learning to love yourself. To come into the inner strength, to have courage and to stand by oneself. To stand out.

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