The original at the Cologne Volksbühne

Inspiring speakers, activating messages, cozy "living room" atmosphere

What can you expect at this event?

The Original Speaker Nights combine entertainment, personal development and socializing - with always new, inspiring speakers and really a lot of fun.
8 speakers per event
4 hours inspiration
In the heart of Cologne

Dates February 2023

Thursday, 23.02.2023, 6 pm
Special Guests: Martin Limbeck, Michael Ehlers, Dr. Frederik Hümmeke, Christian Gaertner, Yvonne Schönau, Dr. Stefan Frädrich
no longer available
Friday, 24.02.2023, 6 pm
Special Guests: Markus Hofmann, Felix Thönessen, Rolf Schmiel, Stephan Heinrich
no longer available
Saturday, 25.02.2023, 11 a.m.
Special Guests: Dr. Stefan Frädrich, Steffen Kirchner
no longer available
Saturday, 25.02.2023, 6 pm
Special Guests: Vanessa Buchner, Dieter Lange, Andreas Buhr
no longer available

Speaker nights 2023

Here you get the impulses you need for your growth
Entertainment, inspiration and community feeling at a very special live event - right in the heart of Cologne.

Here, numerous new and well-known speakers take to the stage, sharing their very individual stories and touching not only your heart, but also your brain.
On your speaker night visit, you get:
Inspirations for your life that are guaranteed to get you ahead
Entertainment & fun - all evening long
an unforgettable experience within a great community
GEDANKENtanken speaker night
The Volksbühne at Rudolfplatz

Here dreams are born

Cologne's Volksbühne on Rudolfplatz is the place where it all began with the legendary first Speakers' Night in 2012.

And of course we remain faithful to it! The venerable (former) Millowitsch Theater is a magnificent Art Nouveau building and delights spectators and artists alike with its very special charm.

The team of the Volksbühne will take care of your physical well-being during the event!

The "BarColonia" opens one hour before the event and provides you with delicious Kölsch (or wine, soda, spritzer, water ...) and small snacks.

With it, you can relax in your chair and enjoy the evening all around!
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